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Grinding weather forecasts each morning

I wonder how many viewers are beginning to grind their teeth when view the early morning weather forecasts....
BBC, each morning I suffer the 'plastic' grins of the female forecaster on our daily weather for GB...
Then she comes out with it...."here is the weather for SCOTLIND", Scotlind, and again Scotlind, has the heather began to change colour....?
A little bit later and we move to the News for SCOTLAND, and we suffer a "NANA MOUSKARI" lookalike telling us all in a very bored fashion what we in 'Scotland' are about to get of weather, with so much 'tanning machine' glow from her face, I fully expected to hear a forecast about Greece....!
Nit-Picking maybe, but being grumpy about getting up so early, I don't need to get anger fuelled by this irritation...

Did you consider not puting the telly oan and looking out the window instead  
I watched the weather in Aeberdean last week mannie and there were quines and loons blawin awe ower the place yi ken and Scoatlin wiz in furra an affy time awe it... I have to say it wiz quite refreshing as far as weather went and had to do a double take to make sure it wiznae a piss take tv programme.

How dare you!!  Carol is my hero, I am still waiting for her warm front to come into contact with my ridge of high pressure (yes I did this one before but I'm sure some may not remember it).  As for Judith, you better watch out, she has a big following and a fan page on the internet
Fat Cat

Carol Kirkwood is a weather goddess.  Big Judith is a fine forecaster so button it. Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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