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Halloween Pen in Maryhill/Ruchill Area

Sorry if this has been covered many times already.

While out walking the Dog after Finishing Work around 5:30am I decided to take a Wander along to where id heard there was an Old Sheep Pend, known Locally as Halloween Pen. I knew it was on Lochburn Rd, but I had no idead it was so far along in such a secluded spot.

With the lack of daylight, dog for company and aid of a Torch I decided to venture onwards even tho I was Brickin myself. After u pass the new homes at Lochburn Gdns, the area begins to take on an entirely different look and feel. The road surface was in pretty poor nick, and the wall of the many derelict looking buildings are covered in Graffiti. This only adds to the idea that the place is quite remote. Just where the Road ends, with only the Torch Beam as light I saw there was wreathes of Flowers, Reading RIP and BRO i think, and some Police Crime Scene Tape on the Trees. If i wasnt scared enough already, i was petrified by now, all i kept thinking of was Oh My God! Someones been Murdered, what am I doing here. But curiosity got the better of me, a few steps later then I Saw it...the Entrance to the Tunnel, its down a Small Embankment, if thats the correct term for it, But im sorry to say Fear took over, i cld only Shine the Torch down into the mouth of the Tunnel, because of the angle I couldnt see much. I walked on, crossed the Railway Bridge, turned Right onto the Canal, then headed back toward Maryhill Rd. The Canal had a Strange Mist or Fog on the Water Surface, this only added to the Very Eerie nature of the Place. If anyone has any Info, Photies, Stories about the place could you let me knw Please? And can u walk through it anymore? I heard its blocked off at Golf Course end.

How about a google map link? I'm not sure where you are talking about

I Havent been up there in many a year,  not since I working up that way as a Detached street worker,   but if its the place im thinking  its off Hillend Road on the other side of Lochburn Road.  We met young folk there all the time, usually out their faces etc. It quite a unique tunnel that its bends and you can't see the other side. It was quite eerie and i hated going up there during my shift. Was always pitch black and inches deep in sludge!!

It had a bit of a reputation with the locals, understand it was a rite of passage having to run through it in the pitch dark on your own then back.

The halloween pen I remember, was when (some pupils) arranged to 'dog it' from High Possil School, they would slip round the back of the Rainbow's End café, and trudge in a straight line towards Ruchill, and before reaching it, the 'pen' was down by the left hand side.   Going through it to the end, brought you out near the golf course. *coffs*  apparently -  5 Bristol, a book of matches, bottle of skoosh,  and a torch, were the only requirements, to join the other *doggers, for a great afternoon of fun and silliness.  

* this word has since taken on a new meaning, but back then it just meant skipping lessons from school!

Aye. Thats the place. Rather spooky at Daft o'clock in the morning, coupled with the rather grim possibility of sinister goings on RE: Floral tribute and Police tape.

Was also thinking, given the fact this was originally used as a Sheep Pend by Farmers moving their Sheep from Ruchill to Hillend Rd area, before the concrete jungle claimed the land, do you think that perhaps Lambhill got its name because of the areas original purpose? Would make sense. And that maybe the Name HALLOWEEN PEN was derived from HILLEND PEND? Maybe years of Glasgow patter and, lets face it, slightly more intriguing name of Halloween has evolved over time.

intersting post

i love all things spooky and derelict.

does anyone have pictures of this?

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