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old jock

Hamilton Mausoleum

Always wondered about that building as I'd seen it a zillion times from the Motorway and wondered what it was like inside.

Cutting to the chase I went for a visit today, you can get tickets from Low Park museum in Hamilton 1.15 per person and you call them minimum 24 hours before to let them know your coming and purchase the tickets 30 mins or earlier before the visit. The mausoleum is about 5 mins walk from the museum.

Was built for the 10th Duke in the 1850s. All the bodies were removed when one end started to subside due to the mine workings. Apparently though it sort of righted itself a bit when the other end subsided as well.

Recommend it for a wee visit, tours are Sunday and Wednesdays, the tour takes about an hour though the guide was with us 90 mins.

Echo has to be heard to be believed, the party trick is to slam the door and it sounds like thunder and gradually decays, last about 15 secs although accoring to the guide that is only half of what it used to be after they took the bronze doors off. If anybody does wanna go let me know. I'd go again.

The dome from inside the chapel

View from the door looking into the chapel

One of the original bronze doors

The Crypt

Apologies for the quality I took them quite quickly and have done any tarting on photoshop or the like.

Apparently Charehault or something close to that, the duke's hunting lodge is also worth a visit and within striking distance. Could be a wee day out for those that haven't been (includes me)

Cool. I didn't know they allowed you inside.

James H
old jock

Yup that's it from the outside. I was delighted when I stumbled across the info that stated they do visits. It is more spectacular inside than out and I was always impressed with the outside anyway.

The chapel is cylindrical although you would have thought it was square, by judging from the outside.

The quality of the bronze doors, the marble floor, the brickwork and carving are stunning IMHO. Guide said less than a ton of mortar is used in the whole structure, all the blocks were hand finished to key to each other.

The building is now owned by the council and I reckon that's the only reason you can get access. If it changed hands I am pretty sure that access would be a lot more restrictive.

I'd be surprised if anybody who went did not think it worth the effort, I will definately be going back for another visit. Oh and if you got a powerful flashlight take it, and no restriction on photography, it was even OK to use a flash, how often do you get allowed to do that

if you want access, go to the hamilton museum and someone will usually take you over. The mausoleum is suseptable to flooding so dont be surprised if it closed for those reasons. You should also go on opne of the masonic tours of it if you can, very interesting, and you getr more about its hidden secrets.

Re: Hamilton Mausoleum

old jock wrote:

Erm Is that lighting fittings that is all around the wall ?
old jock

Hi Cybers

They have some of those new fangled electric light bulbs strung around you can see one of them in that pic, but they are just bare bulbs. The numerous black fittings hanging from the roof around the crypt are candle holders. Must have been doubly spooky when they used them to illuminate the place.
old jock

You should take a visit to the inside when you get the chance. That door is the entrance to the crypt. The Mausoleum is on 2 levels the chapel is on the higher level and the crypt is just up some steps from where you took the photograph

_MG_4295 by Rock Star Mike, on Flickr

Its Hamilton Mausoleum......I think its still Glasgow area haha.

Nah its Hamilton Area but is still a fantastic photo mike    

I know, but i couldn't see a Hamilton area thread :P

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Moved into Hamilton Mausoleum thread


Sorry guys :S

Mausoleum Walk by D1gitAl Imagez, on Flickr

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