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Hampden Park

Sorry if there is already a thread somewhere, but I couldn't find it

Back of photo has the Kodak date Apr 71, so probably taken sometime early 71 or maybe even late 70.  

Old Hampden Park taken from the hill above Montford Ave.


Nice pic.

I was thinking about starting a football ground thread where you could post any pics of grounds that we all have.



This site is amazing.  I can drown in nostalgia!!!  I don't know how long it will take to even see everything that's on here.

I have more phots around the place, some now only as negatives and some as B&W, but I'll look them out and post them if they seem to be of interest.



There is always someone who is interested in pics on here...even if you think they are crap someone will like them.

I agree with you about this being a great site as well.

And the people are all fantastic.

Another view of the old Hampden Park, taken across the playing fields along Prospecthill Road.

The new flats at Myrtle View are being built  on the right hand side.

Tying in with the other threads on Prefabs, there is a group of them between Hampden Park and Prospecthill Road smack in the middle of the photo.

I see from Google maps that the area has been landscaped.


Edited for ps.  No date on back of photo but probably winter 70-71

From the Past Present fred...

North Stand, Hampden

James H


Great pics of the old and new!

We used to climb over the wall (a bit to the left of the old picture) and collect as many ginger bottles as we could.  Then from Mount Florida, walk along Cathcart road and take them to shops to collect the deposits.  It was clear to the shop owners where we had got them and some wouldn't take them.  Some were decent and would take a few.  Sometimes there were bottles from firms that no-one knew and no-one would take.  Probably brought by the fans of the away team.  We soon learned to only take the common ones, like Barrs and Barries.

God knows what we carried them in, or how the hell we got them back over the wall!  I can't remember.



Sometimes I think the doors were open to allow the cleaners in to cleanup the terraces.  If I remember correctly, sometimes they'd chase us away, sometimes they'd let us get on with it as long as we didn't cause any trouble.  We were doing some of their job for them

Chief Inspector

Update on first shot.

How many went to the interschools sports days at the playing fields at prospecthill...
I won a medal in the pole vault and near lost two at the high jump  
Gave the medal to my wee mate who da was a boozer and threatened him with a very real you dont come home with a prize ahm gonny kill yi ya useless bastard...
Was worth it to save him a doin....

Chief Inspector wrote:
Update on first shot.

Nice one Chief Inspector    Quite a change!


The National Stadium on a cloudy summer day

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