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Alex Glass

Happy 6th Birthday Urban Glasgow

Happy 6th Birthday to Urban Glasgow.

There have been a few ups and some downs over the 6 years but the quality of the stuff posted here has never dipped.

Well done to those who have been here for the last 6 years your dedication to keeping this forum alive is exemplary. Also to those who have popped in and decided to stay over the years. There is a silent audiance out there who view this site regularly but done want to comment of become members. there are also those who just pop in to say thanks for posting such wonderful photos of Glasgow old and new.

Long may this site continue to grow and grow. Congratulations in reaching your 6th birthday. I hope the next 6 years are just as packed full of photos and stories of the Glasgow we all love and not forgetting all those other photos from around the World that also have a place here on Urban Glasgow.

Enjoy the drink to night everyone who is attending the night out.

Well said that man...

There have indeed been fun times and long may they continue. Some of the photos have been exceptional some of the older stuff dredged up in conversation have been nothing short of outstanding and a pleasure to view.

But more importantly the member list grows and grows and whilst not everyone participates fully I thank them all.

I love these silent viewers who find something that tickles them though and has a particular story to relate to a subject... Long may that continue even though most drift back into the ether its the imparting of the information and memory that makes it all worthwhile.

Ruchazie Rat

 I wish I`d discovered this site many years ago!  How wonderful to realise that my own memories of growing up aren`t some misty-eyed sentimental indulgence!  And to be able to read about the escapades and adventures of all the others here whom I`ve never even met!  I really do think kids growing up today have been deprived of a deprived upbringing!  (You know what I mean).  Maybe, just maybe, by immersing themselves with all the treasures in our Aladdins`s cave they can establish a generational bond with their cultural heritage.  Go on, young guns... go for it!

Truth indeed the camera never lies!

In an ideal world, the wealth of photography and knowledge displayed here would be taught to our kids in the classroom rather than the bollocks they get earbashed with these days.      

Happy Birthday Urban Glasgow.  I have spent many many hours on this forum enjoying stories and pictures and thank all the contributors for their input. Wish I had something to contribute to the forum like old pictures but alas I can't. Hope all who venture to the Clutha tonight have a wonderful time. Slainte Mhor.  

A fantastic job folks. Like I've said many times before, this site inspired my brother and I to create Project Hawick. Here's to another 6 years and 6 more on top of that...    

A belated happy birthday fantastic pictures well done to all involved . Forum Index -> Forum Issues
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