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Have you ever been in Chernobyl?

I was in Chernobyl last autumn, took some photos during the tour. In a few words, it was very exciting, atmosphere of "dead" town Pripyat is inexpressible. It really worth it.

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pics removed due to porn links


Nice porn links on those photos .... Just what kids need  

Rather odd use of Russian Pic storage of stock photos too  

What are you talking about? That porn imgs fastpic places as advertisement. It's not my fault.

Did you only take 3 photos in your once in a lifetime tour .... Trying hard not to be sceptical here but if I had risked life and cancer i would have shot a lot more than 3 pics
Also Just curious too as to why you used the Russian Fastpic site when there are so many other places for images ?
Your use of Russian is astounding in the posting of the pics which to many might not seem odd at first.

Just curiosity has now got the better of me and was just asking questions no offence meant  

Or perhaps i already know the answers ???

In regards to the original question... No I have not been ... Have i got plans to go. Perhaps after June next year that answer will become apparent till then fabulous shots.

Hiscon wrote:
What are you talking about? That porn imgs fastpic places as advertisement. It's not my fault.

Sorry, It is your fault, You posted the pics with porn links.

Pics removed.

Bish bash bosh comrades, anyone for a spot of U.E. in the former U.S.S.R.?  

400 for Zonetime coupled with flights at 321 return from Edinburgh etc so not a daft as it sounds.
Possible health risks are obvious but who cares YI can say YIV been YIV saw YIV took the pictures.


If you have pics post them in here -

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