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Helicopter crashes into The Clutha - 29 Nov 2013

Apparantly a helicopter crashed into the Clutha a short time ago. Hope everyone is ok although from what I've read theres a few people trapped.

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Been watching the story unfold on the BBC... but the sport seemed more important

Is it the fecking polis again ... If so they really do not have a great track record.
Hope the folks of the Clutha are all fine ... Wit a night oot tale though for a friday .....

Aye, looks like it was the police chopper.... thats the second one they've lost, isn't it?

Turns out, I know the band that were playing and a group of my friends were there! Glad to hear though, they're all ok if not a little shocked.

Stuball wrote:
Aye, looks like it was the police chopper.... thats the second one they've lost, isn't it?

This will be the third one. The last one in the pic below crash landed in a field in Ayrshire in the 1990's and was written off with no major injuries though.  

In the meantime lets hold back on the black humor as there is likely to be tragic consequences yet to unfold.  


I'm sure everyone's thoughts are with the victims of this accident.

I don't know if anyone else here is affected, but here is the new contact number:


A telephone number for members of the public who are concerned about relatives who may have been involved in the Glasgow helicopter crash has been established.

The Police Scotland Casualty Bureau number – 0800 092 0410 – is now live.

Callers should ONLY contact the Casualty Bureau number if they have concerns for relatives who may have been in the Clutha Vaults pub or surrounding area at the time of the incident.

Thread tidied up guys.

Most of us know the pub on a Friday and it could have been one of us in there.

I know it is a sensitive subject but there is a report button on the forum if you think something is out of order.

It might take a wee bit of time for someone to get it but it saves all the arguing.

Let us just hope everyone is safe although watching the news it seems unlikely.

Terrible news.

On the news it is now a recovery mission rather than a rescue.

Sad news indeed.
Lone Groover

Glasgow helicopter crash: At least three dead at Clutha pub (© BBC)

At least three people have died after a police helicopter crashed into a busy pub in
Glasgow, the BBC has been told.

A source close to the investigation said the final number of fatalities would almost certainly
be higher. The crash happened at The Clutha in Stockwell Street at 22:25 on Friday. People are
still thought to be trapped.

There were three people on board the helicopter - two officers and a civilian pilot. Thirty-two
people have been taken to local hospitals. A senior fire officer said they had made contact with
some people trapped inside the pub but the building was unsafe and they were taking a "methodical"
approach to the rescue.

The emergency services could be seen on the pub's roof trying to rescue people from inside. Scotland's
First Minister Alex Salmond is due to speak at a press conference shortly. There are expected to
be updates from the police, fire and ambulance services.

It has been reported that about 120 people were in the pub at the time of the crash. Many were
rescued or escaped but others have been trapped by a collapse on the left-hand side of the building.
Emergency services have erected barriers around the scene and specialist rescue teams
are in the pub with sniffer dogs.

  • The Police Scotland Casualty Bureau number is 0800 092 0410
  • Callers should only contact the Casualty Bureau number if they have concerns for relatives who
    may have been in the Clutha Vaults pub or surrounding area at the time of the incident
  • The injured have been taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Western Infirmary and the Victoria Infirmary
  • The fire service said there were people trapped in the building but they could not say how many

Some of the injured were taken to a nearby Holiday Inn Express, while more serious casualties
were being treated in hospital. As he left the accident and emergency department of Glasgow
Royal Infirmary, a staff member who did not want to be interviewed was asked how serious the
injuries were. He replied: "Very".

Glasgow's Health Board said it had put in place its "well-rehearsed major emergency arrangements"
and that local hospitals had been on "immediate standby".

A large area of the city centre has been cordoned off.

Images of the crash showed the wreckage of a dark blue helicopter with a yellow "Police" insignia
lying on the pub's roof.

James H

Fjord wrote:
Stuball wrote:
Aye, looks like it was the police chopper.... thats the second one they've lost, isn't it?

This will be the third one. The last one in the pic below crash landed in a field in Ayrshire in the 1990's and was written off with no major injuries though.  

In the meantime lets hold back on the black humor as there is likely to be tragic consequences yet to unfold.  

Did they not have a coming together with a supermarket on the south side a couple of years back too.

The track record of these Bond choppers at the moment is not great. Hopefully the boozer can be saved and not just flattened as it is a Glasgow institution and should be saved as a poignant memorial to all the injured and those who may have lost their lives.

As was previous stated it has been used for meets lately and it could have been any of us.

From the BBC story...

In 2002, a police Eurocopter EC-135 came down in a field in Ayrshire. All three
people on board survived.

In 1990, a police sergeant was killed when a Bell Jet 206 helicopter crashed in bad
weather at Eastwood Toll, Newton Mearns, Glasgow.

James H

Just catching up with the story and it would appear there are now six fatalities, thoughts are with all those involved in this terrible incident

james73 wrote:

In 1990, a police sergeant was killed when a Bell Jet 206 helicopter crashed in bad
weather at Eastwood Toll, Newton Mearns, Glasgow.

James H

stunned by this news and really hope that all those who got out survive.

eight dead up to so sad day for glaswegians thoughts are with everyone connected to this tragic news.

It is amazing that staff at the local hospitals came into work, outwith their shifts - poor barmaid was smashed through to the basement by a roof beam, but amazingly has just shattered legs and is stable. Another guy has a broken back, broken legs, broken arms. My partner got the tail end of it in Resus, everything covered in dust. A bunch of arsehole reporters are hounding the staff outside A&E.
Closet Canadian

I've been following this here in America by way of the BBC news site. Just a terrible tragedy. I knew that the Clutha was a frequent place for the admins and all of the regular local members here to get together now and then so I thought of you all first up. A comfort to know my friends here all seem to have been out of harms way but what a sad twist of fate for the others. Just out for a few drinks and to hear some music and then a helicopter crashes through the roof? You'd never have imagined it.
Doog Doog

I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences to those who have lost friends,family or loved ones.
With Christmas only a few weeks away,the pain of that loss will be harder to bear..
Vinny the Mackem

I quite regularly meet up with a mate of mine on a Friday there. Didn't do it last night because my missus was working late and I went to pick her up.  He'd left before the incident, although it took me a worrying period of time to find out he wasn't there at the time.

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Message from the UG Mod Team

Any disrepectful, tasteless or shameful remarks made on this subject will be
dealt with severly by UG Moderators. Think on before you post...

The Clutha Bar was a regular & favourite haunt of UG, and it was only a matter
of a few months ago that we all met there to celebrate the forums birthday.

What happened last night could've happened when any of us or our friends and
family were in there.

Thoughts and prayers to those who have lost their lives and to the injured.

James has set-up a donation for the victims.

James H

Well said, James !

Have watched events from far away Oz and am saddened by the loss of life and devastation.

My thoughts go out to all concerned and to those UG members who regarded 'The Clutha' as their home away from home.

I can only hope that the building, or memories of it, can be saved for those who do regard it as their little piece of heaven !


Glasgow helicopter crash: Ninth victim found (© BBC)

A ninth body has been found in the wreckage of a Glasgow pub where a police helicopter
crashed on Friday night, Police Scotland say.

They also confirmed the identity of another victim as Samuel McGhee, 56.

They earlier named three dead helicopter crew as pilot David Traill, 51, and Police Constables
Kirsty Nelis, 36, and 43-year-old Tony Collins.

Gary Arthur, 48, from the Paisley area, has been named as among five people who died in The
Clutha bar.

Police said they cannot rule out the possibility of more bodies being found.


James H

Helicopter crash at the Clutha

A terrible thing to happen at Glasgow's wee haven the Clutha and to the good folks who frequent it. I confess to shedding a tear or two over this awful misfortune. I'm sure all those affected are in our thoughts at this time and if anything good should come out, it has to be the magnificence of human spirit displayed by those bystanders who were selfless to a man. That's what Glaswegians are made of...   all heart! The same must be said of the emergency services who did Glasgow proud on such a sad day.  iangr

There is a beautiful poem going around Facebook by a man called Lee Gilmour regarding this awful disaster which can be veiwed here:

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Or for those of you who don't do faceboak.


Being a retired member of Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Service we all received this communication this afternoon following the Scottish Government's / Scottish Fire & Rescue Service representatives visit to Calton Fire Station (first emergency fire crews responding to the Clutha Vaults incident). -

Helicopter Incident in Glasgow

CO Alasdair Hay was accompanied by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill and Roseanna Cunningham, Minister for Community Safety at a visit today (Tuesday 3rd December) to Calton Community Fire Station, to meet officers and crews who were part of the initial attendance at the Clutha Vaults.
They acknowledged the courage, dedication and professional response throughout the process of rescue and recovery since Friday.
CO Hay paid tribute to fire and rescue staff who have worked closely with their colleagues from emergency services and partner agencies since the helicopter crash on Friday evening. He said:
“This incident was a very challenging, complex situation and I am extremely proud of my staff for such a dedicated and professional response.
“Whilst firefighters train for these sorts of emergency situations, the reality of actually dealing with them takes its toll on us emotionally and physically. It has been an extremely difficult time for everyone involved and I have the utmost respect for every single person who was part of this operation.
“I would also like to pay tribute to our Control room staff and support staff who have also worked extremely hard, ensuring a first class response to an extremely difficult incident which has affected people not just in Glasgow but across Scotland and beyond. Our thoughts remain with all those affected by this tragedy."
Ahead of a parliamentary statement by the First Minister at 2pm today, Ministers said the way the tragedy and its aftermath had been handled demonstrated the vital importance of Scotland’s fire and rescue service and the excellent work they do.
Mr MacAskill said:
“This has been a traumatic few days for Glasgow, and for Scotland, and we grieve the lives of the nine men and women lost.
“This morning, Ms Cunningham and I were privileged to meet firefighters, some of whom have been working round the clock at Clutha since Friday.
“As has been indicated, the search for survivors is now concluded. However, while we will learn more about how and why this tragedy occurred, these events have underlined that Scotland has a heroic fire and rescue service. I’d like to pay tribute to them all and everyone, emergency services and ordinary citizens alike, who helped in the rescue effort, we can be rightly proud.”
Ms Cunningham added:
“The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service played a key role as part of the emergency services response which undoubtedly saved lives after the helicopter crashed on Friday night, the way in which they responded to an incident of this scale is truly exemplary. Air accident investigators have described this as one of the most complex crash sites that they’ve ever worked on.
“We are all indebted to their remarkable courage and dedication, working on a hugely complex operation, the relief effort from all of our emergency services has been simply heroic."[/b]

I was surprised to see lit candles in the rain tonight. The few Police officers left were in quite good spirits, and even after 8pm, there were a good few folk looking around the flowers and tributes.

edit - should've said they moved the flowers etc. across Clyde Street, next to the bridge.
Vinny the Mackem

For anyone near the West End tomorrow (Sunday 8th) there's a benefit gig at the Partick Tavern between 3 and 7. Low key thing, but a couple of mates of mine are performing and if the rest of those on stage are as good, it should be a decent afternoon.
Alex Glass


Tenth person dies following Clutha Vaults helicopter crash (© Evening Times)

A 10th person has died following the helicopter crash at the Clutha bar in Glasgow.

Joe Cusker, 59, from Cambuslang, had been receiving treatment in hospital since
the crash on November 29.

He died earlier today at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Police Scotland said.

Deputy Chief Constable Rose Fitzpatrick said: "It is with great sadness that I can
confirm the number of people who died when the helicopter came down on the Clutha
Vaults pub has increased to 10. Our thoughts are with the families at this difficult time
and we will continue to provide support to them, as we have done for all of the bereaved."

James H

Clutha tragedy: Eurocopters grounded after fault is discovered (© Evening Times)

Bond Air Services has grounded all of its Eurocopter EC 135 models after a fault was
discovered in one of the helicopters.

The EC 135 is the same model as the Police Scotland helicopter which crashed into the
Clutha Vaults pub in Glasgow on November 29, killing six people inside the building and
the three police officers onboard.

The decision to ground the helicopters came after the was discovered on a EC 135 operated
by Bond for the North West Air Ambulance.

A statement from Bond Air Services today said: "During normal operations yesterday,
one of our EC135 fleet has experienced an indication defect that requires further technical
investigation. Therefore as a precautionary measure we have temporarily suspended service
operations whilst we undertake detailed diagnosis. We are now conducting functional tests
across each of our EC135 aircraft in order to gather more specific information."

There are 22 EC 135s in the UK, mostly operated by air ambulance and police services.
They remain temporarily suspended from service while the investigation continues.

James H
Alex Glass

Sorry just seen James had already posted the tragic news about the 10th person to die.

Very sad news for another family affected by this disaster. I am sure everyone's thought will be for the family at this time.

i hope the clutha reopens, and that laughter and song is a fitting tribute to the victims.

Glasgow helicopter crash: Comedians line up for Clutha show (© BBC)

Top comedians are to take part in a comedy show later in aid of people and families
affected by the Glasgow helicopter crash.

Comedy circuit stalwarts such as Des Clarke, Bruce Morton, Gary Little and Janey
Godley have volunteered for the Glasgow Stands Up For The Clutha gig. Money raised
from the event will go to the Lord Provost's Clutha appeal fund. The Police Scotland helicopter
crash at the Clutha on 29 November killed the three crew and seven people in the pub.

The comedy show on Sunday evening will take place at Glasgow's O2 Academy, just yards
away from the site of the crash. Organisers have promised that the line-up will include "very
famous Glasgow funny men".

'Legendary bar'

Event organiser Alan Anderson said waking up to the news about the Clutha helicopter crash
was "awful". "It's such a legendary bar," he said. "Almost every Glaswegian will have sunk
a pint there in there. Many comedians will have gigged there. It's an institution. Like many
people I just wanted to do something to help. It made sense to organise a fundraising gig.
As soon as I started asking for comedians to help I was inundated. We have the very best
in Scottish comedy donating their time for free. It's incredible that despite this being one of the
busiest times for comedians they've all given their time up for free because they all
want to do something."

The Lord Provost's Clutha appeal fund has already raised at least £220,000. Ten people died in
the Clutha tragedy. They were: Pilot David Traill, 51, Pc Tony Collins, 43, Pc Kirsty Nelis, 36,
Joe Cusker, 59, John McGarrigle, 57, Mark O'Prey, 44, Gary Arthur, 48, Colin Gibson, 33, Robert
Jenkins, 61, and Samuel McGhee, 56.

It has not yet been established what caused the helicopter to crash, although investigators
say initial evidence rules out engine or gearbox failure.

James H

Last time I checked the o2 was almost 2 miles away...
Think this will be a cracking evenings entertainment made even better if they dont let Des Clarke on !!!

cybers wrote:
Last time I checked the o2 was almost 2 miles away...

It's only a ten minute walk - if you're lucky it'll be about a mile (or 1760yards )
Vinny the Mackem

Google maps reckon it's 0.6 of a mile!  

In the interests of pedantry, and travelling by the most direct route - along the Broomielaw - the distance between the two is 1.4 miles
Vinny the Mackem

I was walking!  

At a pedestrian pace perhaps?

colmar wrote:
In the interests of pedantry, and travelling by the most direct route - along the Broomielaw - the distance between the two is 1.4 miles

The most direct route is across Victoria Bridge to Gorbals X cut through Norfolk Court and along Bedford St which is certainly not 1.4miles ... actually it's just over half a mile

And just for the record the Broomielaw starts at Jamaica St just under the Central Station bridge .... I think you mean Clyde St

Pedants...   but we all agree its not a few yards like the article says.

cybers wrote:
Pedants...   but we all agree its not a few yards like the article says.

Ah but we do agree it is a few (hunner) yards

From my back window of my flat in the Gorbals I saw the helicopter moments before it crashed. At first I could hear the helicopter over the motorway and railway lines over the other side of the old castle cash and carry. Then we couldn't hear it for a short time. Not long after I saw it coming along as though it was following the Clyde. I would have lost sight of it just at the nautical college but it still had it's lights on and looked ok at that time. Something made me point it out to my missus and I don't know if it was just that it was unusual to see them flying over that side going from the monument on Glasgow green towards the college. I still don't know why I even mentioned it to my missus to be honest. Then moments later we got a phone call from a friend to tell us to watch the news.

I have told the police what I saw to add to their time line. I suppose it backs up other peoples accounts of the helicopter dropping rapidly because it's only a few hundred yards along from the nautical college.

I walk past that pub every day on my way to and from work. I knew people who played there, I knew the old manager a few years back and it was always a great wee pub. It's just really strange walking past it each day now. My heart and thoughts go out to those who have lost friends and loved ones. I hope they can take some comfort from the kind words and actions of many people who have left flowers and alike.

Clutha crash: Police helicopter engines 'flamed out' (© BBC)

A police helicopter which crashed into a busy Glasgow pub killing 10 people suffered a
double engine failure, air accident investigators have found.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) found that both engines had "flamed out"
but its report said the cause of the problem was not clear. The Police Scotland Eurocopter
EC 135 came down on the Clutha Bar in Glasgow city centre on Friday 29 November.

All three people on board and seven others in the pub were killed. In its report, the
AAIB said that its investigation into the crash was still ongoing.

No Mayday

Investigators said they were still trying to establish why both engines "flamed out" when
there was 76kg of fuel remaining. They are also investigating why there was no Mayday
call and why the aircraft was not able to make a controlled landing. An initial report on
the crash, which was released on 9 December, said there was "no evidence" of major
engine or gearbox failure.

Although the aircraft did not have a black box data recorder, the AAIB investigation has
been able to piece together elements of its last flight. It established that the Police Scotland
helicopter took off at 20:45 with 400kg of fuel on board. It stayed over an area of Glasgow's
south side for about 30 minutes before making a short 10 minute foray over Dalkeith in
Midlothian, some 38 nautical miles away.

The helicopter was granted permission to re-enter Glasgow air space at 22:18 but radar
contact was lost at 22:22. The latest AAIB report states: "Recorded data indicates that, in
the later stages of the flight, the right engine flamed out, and shortly after the left engine
flamed out." The report states that the rotor blades and tail rotor were not rotating at the
time of impact.

'Complex investigation'

However, it does not offer an explanation as to why both engines failed. It notes that there
was no blockage on the fuel lines, both fuel pumps were working and there was no leakage
from the fuel tanks either before or after the accident occurred. Following publication of the
report, Bond Air Services, which operated the helicopter for Police Scotland, said the
development was the "another step" in "a long and complex investigation".

"While the investigation continues, we would urge against speculation," the company said.
"We owe it to the memories of those who died, those who were injured, and the families
affected by this tragedy to help the investigation team answer as many questions as possible
and discover exactly what happened. We continue to support the investigations and our
thoughts remain with all those who have been touched by this tragedy. We also continue to
work with Glasgow City Council and other parties to support bereaved families and the local

The helicopter crew who were killed in the Clutha bar crash were pilot David Traill, Pc Tony
Collins and Pc Kirsty Nelis. The seven customers in the Clutha who died were John McGarrigle,
Mark O'Prey, Gary Arthur, Colin Gibson, Robert Jenkins, Samuel McGhee and Joe Cusker.

James H

Passed The Clutha tonight and was wondering what the hell was going on as it looked like they had made contact there was that many bloody Satellite vans parked up and in Stockwell St car park. Double flame out according to the chief boffin on Real XS news never ever happens unless there is a case of fuel starvation issue yet it went down with 97 litres still in the tank which should have been way more than enough to see it home. Find it strange though the Pilot never issued any type of distress call.

I think its going to be a while before this one is finally cleared up definitively.

Clutha: bar will open but it won't be the same (© Evening Times)

Alan Crossan believes the Clutha could act as a catalyst for the regeneration of the riverside and Briggait area.

The 61-year-old bar owner hopes to rebuild it in the coming months. But he says the opening will happen in stages - and he
wants to take on board the views of customers to avoid upsetting people. Alan has been backed by the Secretary of State
Alistair Carmichael, who has given his "wholehearted support" for a regeneration project for the Clyde Street area, and
Alan's Clutha Trust Charity.

Alan says his "hands are still tied" on moving to the next stage at the moment while talks with the insurance company McLarens
continue. He says they have offered him £300,000 to reinstate it but Alan claims they are not taking into account the full loss of

He said: "It's now 11, 12 months and it will probably be a year-and-a-half in total that the Clutha is shut. And they are trying
to give me money for six months. So that might have an impact on what we do for reinstating it." Alan, who also owns the
George Hotel in Millport, is working on ideas for the Clutha. He said: "What I'm thinking of doing is putting a temporary solution
in place - using the Victoria and doing something round the back of the Clutha. But I've not got the plans for that yet. The
problem I've got is the Clutha itself - there's absolutely no doubt it will open again and it will be similar to what it was before
but it will never be the same.

"It just can't be. You've got the bit at the back where everybody was killed. Can you imagine standing there and drinking again?
It just doesn't seem right. Half the people were saying open it again like it was, a lot are saying don't open it again. It's hard to
please everyone."

In future Alan would like to see the beer garden between the Clutha and the Victoria covered with a roof and used as a gig
venue. He wants to install a wood fire oven for making pizzas in the kitchen of the Victoria and will then consider opening
the Clutha. He said: "I said at the time it happened the building itself doesn't matter. The important thing about the Clutha is
the people. It's the people who matter. In the Clutha it's the people who make it."

James H
Glasgow Loon

Charity ice hockey match at braehead between police and firemen:-

Plans to rebuild the Clutha will be submitted to council (© Evening Times)

Plans to rebuild the Clutha bar will be submitted to the council.

Owner Alan Crossan is working with architects in a bid to begin the re-opening of the Glasgow pub,
which was the scene of a tragic helicopter crash 14 months ago. Ten people were killed after a Police
Scotland helicopter plunged through the roof of the bar on November 29, 2013. Mr Crossan said he
hoped to open the bar in stages - and was keen to stress he did not think it was "appropriate" to open
the Clutha as it was.

Pilot David Traill and his passengers, police officers Kirsty Nelis and Tony Collins, lost their lives. Those
killed in the pub were John McGarrigle, Mark O'Prey, Gary Arthur, Colin Gibson, Robert Jenkins and
Samuel McGhee. Dozens of other people were injured.

The first stage of the re-opening will involve building a roof over the beer garden, using the Victoria
Bar and a small part of the Clutha. Mr Crossan said it was a temporary solution. He wants to start
discussions with the council to discuss a permanent solution, which he hopes will include a "fitting and
lasting" memorial for those who died.

Mr Crossan said: "Decisions I had to and still have to make regarding the rebuild of the Clutha have
been very challenging and are obviously very sensitive. Everybody has an opinion on what I should
do and I know I will not please everyone whatever happens. To stand in the pub just now where 10
lives were lost is difficult and very sad. At the moment I don't think that it is appropriate to open the
Clutha as it was. I know how important the Clutha is to Glasgow and how its resurrection will be seen
as a symbol of recovery, and I can assure everyone that I will bring the Clutha back but only time can
help me with how I do this."

Mr Crossan said he hoped the first phase would be completed by April. He said: "I feel that we need to
bring back the Clutha in stages hopefully this will allow people to ease back in. The first stage will be
constructing a roof over the beer garden and using the Victoria Bar and a small part of the Clutha. I am
hoping that I can have this opened for April of this year." Among the plans for the rebuild, Mr Crossan
hopes to refurbish the toilets, and install a pizza oven.

Carrick McCormack McIntyre Architects have drawn up the plans.

James H

Very happy to see this is going ahead. It would be a real shame to lose such an important live music venue.

The Forum Waterin Hole shall be resurrected...
Glasgow Loon

Its to re-open in May:-

Great to hear it.

Nice wee murals on the side.

The Clutha. by John McKnight, on Flickr

Mural by John McKnight, on Flickr

Clutha mural. by John McKnight, on Flickr

Alex to Jimmy. by John McKnight, on Flickr

Folks.... can we name these three ?..... I have read that they are Glenda Jackson, Rupert Everet and David Hayman ?  

Clutha mural. by John McKnight, on Flickr

Just found rougueone instagram page and it is the ones named....

Mural is now finished.

Clutha mural. by John McKnight, on Flickr

Clutha mural. by John McKnight, on Flickr

Clutha mural. by John McKnight, on Flickr

Clutha mural. by John McKnight, on Flickr

Stan the man. by John McKnight, on Flickr

Clutha mural. by John McKnight, on Flickr

Clutha mural. by John McKnight, on Flickr

Clutha mural. by John McKnight, on Flickr

Clutha mural. by John McKnight, on Flickr

That's some effort.  

fastnet,did you notice what it said on the sandwich board outside the door?i can only make out the five pounds sign.
Vinny the Mackem

sputnik wrote:
fastnet,did you notice what it said on the sandwich board outside the door?i can only make out the five pounds sign.


sputnik wrote:
fastnet,did you notice what it said on the sandwich board outside the door?i can only make out the five pounds sign.

Toady, Pizza £5, Take away.

Dont fancy Toady pizza or frog calzone for that matter  

cybers wrote:
Dont fancy Toady pizza or frog calzone for that matter  


Ooooops..... Today.

They're doing the £5 pizza until they open, I work over the river and have had a few, very tasty!

iiisecondcreep wrote:
They're doing the £5 pizza until they open, I work over the river and have had a few, very tasty!

Did you try the toady one ?

Clutha poised to re-open (© Evening Times)

CLUTHA owner Alan Crossan is still waiting for the go ahead for him to re-open.

He said Glasgow City Council has yet to issue a completion certificate, making it legal for him
to fully open. Without the document the grand unveiling will not be given the green light, forcing
Alan to cancel the bands scheduled and turn guests away.

It had been hoped the pub could re-open this month.

The invitation list is understood to include relatives of those who died when a helicopter plunged
through the roof of the venue on November 29, 2013. Also invited are some of those injured during
the tragedy, and the band Esperanza who played at the time of the accident, members of the police,
fire and ambulance services and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Alan has said he is hopeful the First
Minister will be able to attend. He is also hoping Glasgow City Council will be represented by Lord
Provost Sadie Docherty..

However, the event will only be allowed to go ahead once the certification is complete. “We can only
open if we get a completion certificate from the council. We’re ready to go but we need this. They
said they would look at it this week. I’m just crossing my fingers it comes on time.” He also added
that five staff who previously worked in the venue before the tragedy are also waiting patiently to
get back behind the bar.

A council spokeswoman said they had “worked extremely hard to ensure that Mr Crossan could
re-open,” and added: “We wrote to his solicitor in March to tell him that that the scale of the work
he was carrying out would require building warrant consent. The application for that work was only
received within the last fortnight – it is simply not possible to assess and approve that work in this

James H

New bar at Clutha opens after helicopter crash (© BBC)

A new bar has opened at the Clutha pub in Glasgow more than a year and a half after a police helicopter
crashed into its roof.

Ten people died when the aircraft came down on the city centre venue on a busy Friday night in November
2013. Families of the victims, survivors and members of the emergency services who dealt with the crash
were invited to the pub's relaunch. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon attended the opening ceremony. The Clutha
had been shut since the night of the tragedy, with building work carried out to refurbish the property.

The interior of the old pub remains sealed off but a new bar has been erected in the former smoking area.

The exterior walls have been refurbished and are now covered with a mural depicting well-known faces including
Billy Connelly, Spike Milligan and Stan Laurel. A private function was being held for invited guests with the
venue due to fully reopen to the public at 20:00.

Owner Alan Crossan told BBC Scotland: "What we are trying to do is bring the Clutha back to Glasgow and
give it back to the Glasgow people. It was the people who made the Clutha. Not the building or anything like
that. It was the people - the musicians, the staff, the punters."

The helicopter crash on 29 November 2013 claimed the lives of seven customers. They were John McGarrigle,
Mark O'Prey, Gary Arthur, Colin Gibson, Robert Jenkins, Samuel McGhee and Joe Cusker. The police helicopter
crew who were killed were pilot David Traill, PC Tony Collins and PC Kirsty Nelis. A draft report from crash
investigators into the tragedy has been completed, with a final public document still to be be published.

Last month Princes Charles visited the Glasgow venue with his wife the Duchess of Rothesay. He signed a
ukulele to be auctioned to raise funds for the Clutha Trust, a charity working to support young people in the
aftermath of the crash.

Speaking on Radio Scotland's Newsdrive programme, Billy Coyle, from the Clutha Trust said reopening the
venue would be "emotional" for all those involved. He said: "We've been planning to get the pub opened as
soon as possible and it was really short notice for tonight but everything is in place. It will be an emotional
night but it is a way forward."

James H

Great news.

The mural outside is quite nice. Yet to have a pint inside. Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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