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hello can anyone help me

hi folks im looking for old gallowgate and surrounding areas of old maps late 1800,s to late 1970,s doing a family history supprise for my dad i need the maps with the old tenements and bussiness no of the property as family way back were born or stayed in the gallowgate to show him where exactly in the gallowgate they lived got the family tree ready just this its his birthday soon so please help much appreciated thanks

Some old pics here.

All the maps can be found here
Glasgow maps

cybers wrote:
All the maps can be found here
Glasgow maps
thanks cybers but its not what im looking for i need the numbers of the old closes and pubs and shops that stood in the gallowgate ie 345 gallowgate if you know what i mean im sorry if im not making sence i am a real noob when it comes to computers was just looking for a map i can download as im not brainy enough lol but thanks for your help

sparkygirl...first of all welcome, have you tried Scotlands places

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