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Help me not hurt myself - Mentalism show.

As some of you know I do Mentalism (think Derren Brown) and I need your opinion so I don't end up in hospital.

Imagine two blocks of wood, one green one red, under plastic cups (Also green and red). One of the blocks of wood has a big metal spike in it which is hidden by the cup. I will ask an audience member to pick which cup I will slam my hand down on, and obviously I'm hoping that they'll choose the one WITHOUT the spike.

I will be doing this for real so need to find out general opinion of which cup should have the spike and which will be safe.

So I'm counting on you, Urban Glasgow-ers to keep me safe. If you are wrong I'll be the guy in the Southern with the Jesus hand, hopefully you'll come and visit me?

Shouldn't there be an option in the poll for 'Don't do it!!!'  

Voted though...  

i agree, dont do it.

you should still go to the hospital though and ask them if you can sit in a big soft room till they cure your mentalism  
Beano your poll shows most people think that RED is the dangerous colour...but can the RED block (with the spike) be under the Green cup and vice versa. I would say anything with a 50% chance of success is not worth the risk.
I have voted..Don't really care, go and hurt yourself because It's you who will feel the PAIN      

A quick search on youtube shows it goes wrong quite easily;

Hahaha! Thanks for the responses thus far.

As for it going wrong......who knows.


cheesylion.. have you done it yet?  

Nope, not yet katimac. New show will be in October. I'll post details of tickets here if anyone's interested?

Wow that really is mental  
I'd go for red though. And I want a ticket to your show  

I think you should have plasters standing by!

Haha, cheers guys.

Tickets will be on sale in the next few days on:

Tickets are now on sale at:

A night of mind bending mentalism, mystical table magic and bodacious burlesque await for those who dare.

This show will treat you to the majestic and magnificent mentalist himself KRIS BLAK who will leave you and everyone else marvelling at the musings of your own minds; the sublime secrets of SEAMUS and his superlative street magic skills; as well as the bewitching black art of our beautiful burlesque bodices.

The show will run the last two Fridays & Saturdays in October (19th, 20th, 26th & 27th October)

Tickets can be bought online at:

Or by phone 0141 2222 333

The S.P.A.C.E., 6th Floor, 34 Argyll Arcade Chambers, Buchanan Street, Glasgow. G2 8BD

Just so you know, the show opens this Friday!!

Will I have holy hands???????

If you're facing the person who is choosing the cup, have the spike to your right.  This might increase your odds of success as most people are right handed and they could automaton-like point to the one on their right hand side !

Preferably though, I suggest you don't do the trick !


Thanks Tombro, had a dress rehearsal with full run of all effects and I can still type at the moment!!

Hopefully it will all be ok.

Show one done, hands still intact.


Seriously well done though.
Doog Doog

cheesylion wrote:
Show one done, hands still intact.

Congrats!  Though I'd have waited a week before posting that for
dramatic effect!

Thanks Doog but still two shows to go this weekend, I might yet be posting using my left hand!!

First weekend went really well!!

On Saturday, River City star Caitlin Gillespie was chosen to come on stage and decide which cup I was to smash, thankfully she got it right!! Her reaction was fantastic!!

There are still some tickets left for this weekend if you fancy it?

Lots of people post on here One handed  

Wont be in Glasgow for a few weeks but would have loved to have seen this .... Strictly from the car crash curiousity aspect ... It does not make me a bad person just an honest one.

Haha, you knew what I meant Cybers!!

You may yet get a chance to see it again in future. Reviews have all been fantastic and there is talk of a mini tour and/or a second run in a bigger venue!!

So, hands are ok and I'm meeting my agent later in the week to discuss a FULL TOUR!!!! Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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