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Help needed to get into Urban Exploring

hi every one.ive been reading your great forum for a couple a weeks now and thought it was time to get in touch.ive been looking at the threads about the old closed down tunnels in glasgow but dont know where to begin going about exploring them yous have days out or do you know of any groups who do.any info you could give would be greatly recevied.iam sorry if this is a old thread repeated.hope to hear from some one soon.

Stick around get involved there are days out there are nights out theres adventures but never with strangers.
Pretty sure you can understand why but just to confirm some of the basics.

It can be Dangerous.

Unstable buildings, tunnels etc... (Why is it the vast majority of these new member queries involve old tunnels)

Possible threat to personal security (As you say yourself in your sig) Know your enemy ! but also more importantly know the other person you are relying on to watch your back.

Get involved theres usually something happening but it's all a question of mutual trust and never ever put yourself into a position that may endanger yourself or others. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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