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Hill walking in Leadhills

I was walking in Leadhils on Thursday here are the photos I took  today  This was was the first for 3 week by this group, we had a good turn out of 10 walkers,
Our walk to day was in Leadhills, Priests Pool, it was 12 miles, good paths, misty start, not too cold
Some steep parts that had us panting  

Here is a map of our route

Ready for our walk

Bright start to the walk but you can see the mist coming down the hills


There are many old rusty sheds in this area, I have taken a few today

Before the mist came down

Rust in peace

Looking to Leadhills, its a wee bit misty


Now its getting misty

Shooting butt in the foreground

The paths were more or less all like this one

Looking back to Leadhills, pity about the mist


Roan Burn

Roan Burn

Another couple of Miles to Priests Pool, up this hill and down the other side

Dead Hedgehog


We have just come down from this hill

Zooming in on the back markers

Lunch at Priests Pool

Time for a pose, Priests Pool is at this bridge

Priest Pool

Time for me to get my photo taken


I have no idea as to why these rocks are here, Art ???

Snar Water

Another abandoned house, close to Snar Water

We had forgotten the way back was a lot of ups and downs


Still on the up and up

I have no idea what these hill's are called

Our outward journey was along that ridge you see

Snarhead Hill and Sowen Dod

Getting close to Leadhills, Leadhill's Narrow Gauge Railway


A different angle of a rusty shed

Some shots of the Main st in Leadhills


Walk over, our watering hole for today, one we have been in many times, The Hopetoun Arms Hotel, we are always made welcome here

Tired but happy


Usual shot to finish with, 4 Glescapals

I hope you enjoyed our first walk after the holidays, I am not sure if anybody realised it was 12 miles
Most of have done it before but in a clockwise direction, for some it was the first time, I am sure we all enjoyed the walk
Thanks are again due to Gpal Allan for the map,leading the walk
Thanks to all who were able to attend the walk today


Looks like a swinging club...........      

Car keys in a bowl mate ?....

Norrie, good wee post enjoyed that    

Were the oldest swingers in town

norrie wrote:
Were the oldest swingers in town

I threw up a little... Forum Index -> Scotland, UK and the World
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