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Hill walking in the Lamington area

Hi folk, todays walk was in the Lamington area, a few miles from Abington
We set off from the church at Lamington, headed for Cowgill Loch and then to Lamington Hill 493 mtrs before heading back to Lamington
An easy enough walk and the only tough bit was from the road up the lower slopes of Lamington hill but it was easier after that part

We walked approx 8.5 miles on good paths
Weather was good, dull at first but not cold, brightened up when we got to the top of the hill and was not unpleasant
Eight of us on the walk today

Ready for our walk from the village of Lamington


Tinto Hill, the highest hill in the area

Anybody fancy living here

Gpal, Allen our leader for today, leading from the back

The hill to the left is Lamington Hill


Broad Hill , to the right

We dont know wether this is a grave or somebody having a laugh

Cowgill Loch

Surrounded by hills but still a couple of miles till we reach the path to Lamington Hill


The hill on the left is the one we need to climb, before we get to Lammington hill

Looking back to Broad Hill and Startup Hill

This is the hill we need to climb to get to Lamington Hill
You can just about make out the path we are to take

Let the climb begin


Looking to Knowe Dod ,440 mtrs

On our way up, looks flat but it isnt

Knowe Dod on the left ,the trees are the starting point of our climb

A wee rest, one of many


We have reached the highest point of the first part of the hill
Time for lunch

View of Lamington Hill from our lunch spot

Another view from our lunch spot

On our way to Lamington Hill, looking to Cowgill Lower Reservoir


At last, Lamington Hill, Tinto Hill to the left

Looking down to the path we were on in the earlier part of the walk

Trying to get close up of the sheep with the curved horns, this was as close as I could get


Looking to Startup Hill

A wee add on to see where it took us

Almost back to the start of our walk


The walk is over, we decided to go to the Abington Hotel for a drink as it was on our way home, been here several times

Happy walkers


The usual shot to finish with, only 3 Glescapals, some on holiday, Jury duty and sore back

Well I hope you enjoyed our walk, we did
Thanks are due to Gpal Allen who organised this walk

Bye for now, norrie


norrie wrote:
The hill on the left is the one we need to climb, before we get to Lammington hill

Looking back to Broad Hill and Startup Hill

Great pics Norrie. I especially like ^those two with the long dried-out river.

James H

Hi james73,that wee burn is Cow Gill, I was wondering too about it being a very old dried out river
Cant think where thee water would have come from as Cowgill Loch is very small as you can see from my photo

Interesting. There would have been more water in the Cow Gill before the 2 wee reservoirs were built, but not that much more. I wonder if some thousands of years ago, before the last Ice Age perhaps, the Clyde took a different course from the present one, which is only a few miles west. Forum Index -> Scotland, UK and the World
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