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Hippo Skull

This is on display in Drumchapel Community centre. It was found some years ago on a wee island in the River kelvin. The mystery of why it was there has never been solved. Anyone got any ideas?

Lobey Dosser

Somebody's pet hippo died, and it was buried on the banks of the river Kelvin. Years later, natural erosion (or a wee dug wi' a big appetite who was good at digging) uncovered the skull. He could hardly believe his luck, but he had to leave it in situ, as it was too big to carry home, however he returned regularly to have a good wee chaw.

As natural erosion continued, the skull eventually fell off the bank and, pushed by the current, gradually rolled downstream to where it landed on the island in the river Kelvin (thereby breaking the wee dug's heart because although he was a great digger he was a lousy swimmer.)

Through time, the skull was partially covered by silt. Until it was discovered once again by a guy from Drumchapel who was out for a wee row in his new boat. He took it home, but his wife refused point-blank to allow it to be displayed on a shelf in the living room -- so he donated it to the museum.

...You're welcome!

Are ye sure it's a hippo skull?  It bears a startling resemblence tae some of the Drumchapel women ah've seen. Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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