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Historic bus depot to be demolished

Historic bus depot to be demolished (Evening Times)

A B-Listed former bus depot is to be demolished to make way for flats and houses.

The old Knightswood garage, off Great Western Road, Anniesland, opened in
1932 and closed in 2004.

It will now be flattened and two three-storey blocks of flats and 16 townhouses
will be built, adding to homes already on the site.

Developer Redrow Homes originally planned to incorporate the brick facade of
the Greenlea Street and Munro Place depot into more flats. This was a condition
of the original planning application approved by the city council.

However, the company has now been granted permission to demolish it as
part of a revised plan, even though it is listed as one of only two buildings of its
type in the city.

Anniesland councillor Jonathan Findlay supported the demolition and said residents
would be happy to see it go. They claimed the building attracted vermin, was
dangerous and a focus for anti-social behaviour.

Mr Findlay said: “It has been derelict for years and is a blight on the community.

“It is very unlikely a developer will do anything with it unless it is demolished.
It is not ideal but the proposal offers a solution and I am happy to support it.”

One nearby resident said: “It needs to be demolished. The whole outlook of
the area will be transformed.”

Six objections were made to the plan, including loss of privacy, the excessive
scale of the development in relation to nearby homes, and loss of the historic
wall. There were nine letters of support.

As the planning decision affects a listed building, the matter will now be passed
to Historic Scotland.


James H

Oh aye !

Isn't it funny that a Councillor (I hope the hand that you have just put in my pocket is not only looking for my wedding tackle) has suddenly agreed that a listed building has major problems.

Like every other city in the world, it seems that Glasgow is eager to sell its history to developers in the name of progress.

Thit, I can't remember the number of times (travelling on a Number 20 to Drumchapel in the late 1950's) we had to change buses at Knightswood Garage because someone had 'technicolour yodelled' over a seat, especially on the late Saturday night runs.

Och, even more Glesga memories being flushed down the drain !


Re: Historic bus depot to be demolished

james73 wrote:
[b]Historic bus depot to be demolished (Evening Times)

James H

Och, have they not got the decency to wait for it to go on fire?


That's all I can say really   Have yourself a nice drink councillor.

Although to be honest I never expected the outcome to anything other than this.

Well i'll post them instead then  


Great pics Kenny  I will try and get over there next week and get you a brick

Cheers John  
I did get a chance to grab one but I couldn't see any names, so I settled for this tiny chunk instead.

The more I think about it I wished i'd took a full brick  

Hi Glasgowken good photos.
Bye for now, norrie Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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