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Charlie Endell

Holmlea Primary School

From what I can gather from online searches this is just being left to rot - I don't think GCC (if they are still responsible) is bothering with maintenance anymore - I thought it would have been prime for conversion into flats but think it has possibly gone beyond that stage now... If I lived in Tulloch Street i certainly wouldn't be very happy about it.
Charlie Endell

I'd seen plant in there but thought the playground was just being used as a base for flood prevention work being carried out on the Cart yards away - however, the chute would indicate they might be gutting the place.

It's Grade B listed and the architect was Andrew Balfour, who also designed the building that's now occupied by the Drum & Monkey.
Geelo G

Tedious connection but I drove past Haghill school yesterday and there's containers and stuff in the old playground so looks like that's being pulled down too.

I know money is tight but what a tragic waste, these buildings are beautiful and just need a bit of TLC!
Charlie Endell

I got it wrong - George Leslie were just using the grounds of the school as a base for the flood-prevention work. Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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