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If buildings could speak

Looking for a photograph which suits this poem about a building which has stood for over a century and now awaits demolition
  "Glasgow Fate and,Finality".

I wait I watch as all around those who grew old with me are broken, twisted , torn from the soil a century of  life heaped and piled into dust.

I  wonder if those who follow Will love this city as I have  remembering  the glorious summers watching in the early morning as it came alive, At  night when lit it shone and sparkled ,The river older than the city bringing new life, new hopes, this is my city I belong here .

Now I too await the creeping sound of fate near and final, my face turned to this loved hated, glorified, despised but human city, this green, gentle place, my beloved City….

J.R.B. 2008..

Hi Tanner try this one, not sure what the plans are for this one

Gorbals st, the last remaining tenement in Real Gorbals
Taken by myself 1994

Or this one

Tradeston st, Clyde pl, September 2008



Thanks Norrie  lets hope someone can make use of these  real glasgow buildings..

Dont know what page to put this on so sorry if its the wrong page .
has anybody ever took a good look at the old firestation building on Wallace street between Tradeston street and Centre street  what a handsome well built building combining sanstone and engineering brick someone told me that area is in line for demolition it would be a great pity if that building was loast .

Hi Mani, I hope its not for demolition, it is a fine building and is, as far I as knew an emergency housing complex
If that has ceased then surely it can be revamped for social housing or houses for sale

These shops are well gone now but so much character in them lying waiting to be torn down a few years ago in London road.

Gartcosh Asylum

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