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Immaculate Zenit gear up for grabs.

Right folks, I don't know if there's any of the collectors amongst us that can use any of this stuff but I thought I'd pop it on here before it goes on eBay.

Paid a wee visit to my ex-inlaws today as my lassie is over there for a wee visit and the subject of my interest in photography came up. Turns out the father-in-laws' brother had a keen interest in photography too and had some stuff to pass on when he recently sadly passed away.

It's all in absolutely pristine (and I mean pristine) nick .. even the cases don't have a mark on them and the leather is still all stiff and shiny like it's hardly ever seen the light of day.

I have no idea what this kit is worth, if anything, but if anyone out there can a) educate me as to worth and b) give me an offer coming close to same I'll be happy to pass them on to whoever then get the cash back to old fella.

Wish I could help you out with a price estimate for that material Doorstep. It looks like a real collector's item. Have you tried looking on ebay for similar items ? That's about all I could suggest.

Other point is that maybe hanging onto it for a while would pay dividends i.e. the price might rocket in the, not too distant, future.

Not more   surely.....


Cheers for that, Chris .. I've had a wee check on eBay and I've a rough idea of what the going rate is (if I'm looking at comparable kit) .. I was just looking for a bit of verification.

I dunno about it being worth more in a year or two, the last time I looked into the price of film camera kit it looked like it was tumbling faster than Stephen Hawkin on a ladder.

fastnet wrote:
Not more   surely.....


It's best quality spam though .. with chips.  
Lone Groover

Jeez O. !
The basic camera is the same one I had for many a year. great kit.
i think they are well known for being better than the price suggested.
Zero idea on current value.

But bloody nice to see one, pics copied btw.  Forum Index -> Other Photography
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