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In Dry-Dock - Yokohama, Japan

View of main cargo deck from monkey island.

Boiler front and firing platforms


Good pics, is that the ship your based on?  although the weather looks rather sh!t... I'm guessing it's the rainy season in Japan.
You'll be glad to know it's been very braw back in Scotland the past couple of days. Snow by the end of the week according to the very demure BBC Scotland weather babe Judith 'The Jugs' Ralston earlier this evening

Yeah, this is the old lady, S.S Bebatik, 38 years old (if she was a dog, she would have been put out her misery years ago).  Currently in dock for the next 5 weeks trying to paper over the cracks!!

So your in Yokohama and you post pics of the deck....
Are you in quarantine man...
Lets go see the city....

Yeah baby .. if I can't have the Sake you better believe I want the sights.

Make footfall man, and get shooting.

Yokohama, Sankei-en Gardens

Pity you use that image host site m8 as some of them are interesting and worth the visit to the link...
But why not give flickr or photobucket a whirl as most wont click on steer away links.

That garage by the way is amazing and i know how it works  

Yokohama, Sankei-en Gardens

Tried using Fotki, as when I tried posting a link to Flickr I didn't see any preview.  Strangely enough did not see any preview when posting the link to Fotki either (am I doing something wrong here, using the 'Img' tags).
Will revert to using Flickr, not too keen on the other host sites.

Three-Storied Pagoda of Old Tomyoji

Sorry guys and gals, have had the idiot hat on for the past week, have finally read and understood instructions on how to post pics - Doh!!

Stranded in the land of technology was a technophobe
(Wee joke nothing more nothing less)

Great picture of the Pagoda

Great pics....

Nothing wrong with being a technophobe, act dumb enough for long enough and someone will eventually come along and fix it for you.
A work ethic I've proudly stood by my whole adult life      

Damn i tohught that was just my ethic  


South of Yokohama is the town of Kamakura, very important in Japanese history as it was the first capital of Japan ruled under a 'shogunate government' (everyone remember Shogun??).  This turning point also marked the arrival of Buddhism, and its various forms, from China.  As Kamakura was the capital, this area became saturated with this new religion, and can still be seen to this day with the vast amount of temples and shrines.
The above pic is of Kotoku-in Daibutsu, Kamakura's famous Great Buddha.


The blocks we sat on.


There's this auto-parts shop 'Moon-Eyes' in Honmoku.  Heavily into the muscle car, chopper and surf scene.  Even better is the americana diner bolted on the side, HUGE burgers!!.  Heres one of many model cars and bikes sitting outside.


Great Camaro ... But the big block thats hiding in the backround looks amazing.
Don't suppose ya managed a capture of it ?

Moon-Eyes, Honmoku

Another one of Moon-Eyes creations.  Have slightly manipulated it, my first attempt at an 'OOB' (Out Of Bounds) pic.


MoonEyes, Honmoku

Sorry to post the same pic again guys, although has been processed.  This is the last of the OOB's, more posted on Flickr (check out the group 'Out Of Bounds').



Main Street


Moon Eyes

Yet another one.....

Ruby Camaro Z28

Out of dock, back at sea

Fire alarm one afternoon, this was the cause,


Is that a compass housing ?

Burnt-out Compass

Oh yeah!!
This was the magnetic compass and binnacle.  Why the fire started is under investigation, but believe it was a short in the wiring.  
Watchkeeper was unaware until molten glass started spitting out the remote view-finder inside the wheel-house!

LOL Scary Stuff ... Great shot though...
I suppose there is a back up .... Where is repairs to be carried out now  

Burnt-out Compass

The watch-keeper was given a new G-Shock watch as a safety prize for his quick actions in extinguishing the fire.  think he would have preferred new boxer-shorts.
On our way to Brunei, will go to anchor to allow technicians to fit new mag' compass. Forum Index -> Scotland, UK and the World
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