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The Old Coats Private House - Now a Nursing home

Hey guys, hoping some people out there will be able to help!  I'm trying to find some history, info even photos of the old private house across from the hurlet on Glasgow Road.  It's now Applecross Nursing home but i've been told it was once owned by the Coats family who still own some of the surrounding land?

Thanks in advance for any information given :)

hi.kaz-b yes the house did belong to the coats the Paisley Mill owners,they had all the land from the levern burn from the nitshill rd,up to the salterland rd. that runs from the barrhead rd at the waterside inn up to parkhouse rd,they used to give the widows that stayed in nitshill ten shillings per year.i don't know who belongs to it now i left nitshill over 46 years .but i can remember the woods well they had a orchard in the grounds we used to go in nickin fruit we used to have rope swings it was a great place to play as long as you dident get caught
Alex Glass


Next day it is reasonable weather I will take some photos of the home from up on the hill at Pinmore Street in Nitshill. I think I have a couple of photos from a couple of years ago but they may be stuck on a hard drive that I can't access.

Not sure if there are old photos but they may be in East Renfrewshires collection. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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