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Chalky Dave

info on Universities about 1916 in Glasgow.

Hi ,My late Grandfather Scot,born in Glasgow 1898,,,was a qualified Engineer,,and more than likely went to University in Glasgow 1916 ish.
I'm trying to find more information on where he Studied etc,,,,.

Question,,,,are there any lists of students enrolled on coarse's in the universities in Glasgow and where would I find them?....

If anyone can help me with information and ideas of who to contact etc and point me in the right direction,,,,,would be greatly appreciated
(I'm re-posting this..because I put it in the wrong section,lol)

If you go to this address at, you will find a record of the members of Glasgow University who served with the British armed forces in WW1.  It's near the bottom of the page.  If your grandad was in the army or navy, he may be mentioned here.

There are also lists of students who matriculated from the University, if you browse through the various pages.  Unfortunately, as far as I can see, they don't seem to extend as far as 1916.
Chalky Dave

Many thanks TT

Hi T.T.,
many thanks for the reply,,,,unfortunately my grandfather wasn't in the Army or Navy,,,,,,,He did however join the R.F.C. somewhere in the area,(not sure for how long),,,,,but because he wore glasses he was not allowed to fly,,, probably ground crew,,but also because he was an engineer,,perhaps even design etc,I have briefly looked airfields in and around Glasgow,but as of yet haven't found much information or photo's.

There are quite a few members of the Royal Flying Corps mentioned in the University Roll Of Honour:

CAMERON, ROBERT BARTON, Student, 1912-14.
Lieut., Royal Flying Corps

Lieut., Royal Flying Corps.

*ERSKINE, RALPH, Student, 1912-14.
Capt., Royal Flying Corps

2nd Lieut., Royal Flying Corps.

Lieut., Royal Flying Corps.

2nd Lieut., Royal Flying Corps.

*MACMILLAN, THOMAS, Student, 1914-15.
Lieut., Royal Flying Corps.

MILLER, WALTER DOUGLAS, Student, 1909-14.
Lieut., Royal Flying Corps

2nd Lieut., Royal Flying Corps.

Lieut., Royal Flying Corps.

Lieut., Royal Flying Corps

*CAPT. J. R. M'CRINDLE, Royal Flying Corps.

There are more, but it's too much bother to cut and paste all of them, I'm afraid.
Chalky Dave

family Tree,grandfather

Hi,,found out more information  on my Grandfather,,,now having spoke to an Uncle,(my grandfathers youngest son)who now remembers my grandfather did not go to University,,,But worked for *Maver And Coulson* in Glasgow,(I do have a photo of him Posing outside a factory,(could be M&C,I will post it after I re-scan it)),,so now me thinks he probably did and apprenticeship with them and got his engineering qualifications there too.
  He was Born in Glasgow 1898,,,so presuming he left school at 13/14,,,this would make it 1912 there abouts.when he started work with them.
 I do remember my grandfather saying he was in the RFC,,,so seeing as the RFC merged with the RAF in 1918,,,I would think he was in the RFC 1916/1917 ish.
Currently I'm looking in National Archives for more info,lots of work but very interesting.
 Myself I become a Pensioner this year in October,and Next year plan to visit my relations in Glasgow and the area and go to Edinburgh and do more research at the G.R.O.(General  Records Office Scotland).
 If anyone can suggest more places for me to look at,,its all greatly appreciated.

Moderator Edit

No need to start a new thread on this, just keep adding here.

Alex Glass

Before you go to the GRO/National Archives you really need to know what you what to look at. Lots of the archives are held off site and it takes time to have then delivered. If you visit their website it may help you plan your visit and also make a request to view a specific record/register/archive.

The National Archives of AScotland

you will also find the Births Marriages and Deaths registers here but these can be accessed online at

Scotlands People

The benefit of using the service in Edinburgh provides you with access to more up todate registers.

But I can't say it enough - you need to plan your visit to make the most of your time there as the hours will quickly pass if you are not sure exactly what you want from your visit. have lots of records available to download regarding people who fought during the First World War. If you haven't used this before you can sign up to a free four week trial. But you need to remember to cancel at the end of the four weeks to avoid a payment for a full years access is taken form your account. It is worthwhile using the four week trial and I am sure you will be able to make good use of the resources available in that time.
Chalky Dave

Many thanks TT and Alex,for your help and advice,,yes indeed I sort of have plans, and they seem to be modified all the time as I get new information.,and new places to go to and look for information.
  Strange as it may seem,,I have more information on my Great Grand Father than I do of my Father and Grand Father at the moment..
His  middle name was Lyons,which made him very easy to find,,I now have his Birth Cert, Marriage cert and death cert.....Scottish certs are brilliant and have so much information (but the hand writing is not so good,very difficult to read,lol).
Many thanks.

Re: info on Universities about 1916 in Glasgow.

Chalky Dave wrote:
are there any lists of students enrolled on coarse's in the universities in Glasgow and where would I find them?

Hi Dave
There was only one university in Glasgow in 1916. Glasgow University Archives will look through their records for your relative: Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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