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Infra Red

Picked up an Infra Red Filter on Amazon a wee while back but today was the first day decent weather and some free time co-incided

River Garnock @ Dalgarven  - IR by 1Alan_M, on Flickr

River Garnock @ Dalgarven - IR by 1Alan_M, on Flickr
Doog Doog


They are a pain in the erse as they only work in mono otherwise you get the purple hues. If you had said u wanted one i would have gave you mine I swapped it for a cokin big stopper.

This is a composite

Wood by David C Laurie, on Flickr

it was only a few quid from Amazon, worth it for a wee play.

The pain in the arse is not being able to see what you're doing at the time, although the Sony SLTs are much better than cameras with optical viewfinders in this respect, its still pretty tricky.

My auto focus worked perfectly with mine attached though it was also a cokin "A" so made no real difference to attach it after focus.

Same shot as above but with different processing

Garnock IR by 1Alan_M, on Flickr

..and another go at one of my Kelpie IR shots

Kelpies - IR by 1Alan_M, on Flickr

I had to be a spoilsport - but I love the black and white effect you get with it

Swingpark von D1gitAl Imagez

Avon Water infrared von D1gitAl Imagez

Mausoleum infrared von D1gitAl Imagez

Canongate Bridge - Jedburgh by David C Laurie, on Flickr
Doog Doog

Nice ones!

The-Wall by David C Laurie, on Flickr
Doog Doog

Love it!

Achnambeithach Cottage by Ben Allison, on Flickr Forum Index -> Other Photography
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