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Inland Revenue office

Could anyone help me regarding where the Inland Revenue office was in 1943/46.
My father worked there before being transferred to Dumfries in 1946.

Have tried for a while to find this place, even the Mitchell Library. Any information would be very much appreciated.


Don't know if this will be any help, but it's an extract from the Glasgow Post Office Directory for 1941-42:

 280 George Street, 0.1.
Property, Income Tax, and Land Tax Office.
Office Hours, 10 to 4; Saturday, Id to 12.
Collector of Taxes — T. Robson.
Assistant Collector of Taxes — G. Pool.
Stamps Duty Office.
 Office Hours, 10 to 4 ; Saturday, 10 to 12.
Distributor of Stamps — A. C. Dick.
Caretaker — William Steel,
 280 George Street, 0.1.
 T. B. Holloway, A. H. Davidson, W. E. W. Mackie.
 260 St Vincent Street, C.2.
 C. F. Lawrence, E. Tattersall, J. A. Alexander,
 E. A. Lister, G. Morton, R. C. Starkings, P. J.
 Molony, P. Watson.
 200 St. Vincent Streat, C.2.
H. Maclaine, W. F. Crook.
 Head Office— 91 Mitchell Street, 0.1.
R. H. Johnstone. •
 109 Waterloo Street, C.2.
D. H. Diack, T. Paris, R. M'L. Allan, A. B. Falconer,
W. M. Wallis, R. F. G. Davis, G. Garland,
£. Atkinson.
 50 Wellington Street, C.2.
J. D Stewart, R. M'Curdie, P. Darby.
 R. F. G. Daxis — Inspector and Assessor for
 W. M. Wallis — Assessor of Lands Valuation
and Income Tax for the Burgh of Rutherglen.


Many thanks for the detailed information.

It is of help to me as, I have no other information regarding where the Inland Revenue Offices were.


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