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Islay, May 2010,whisky festival, our first time on Islay
Loved it
Just some of the photos I took

This wreck is close to Bunnahabhain Distillery

Sanaigmore Bay


Close to Ardnave Point

Bunnahabain Distillery

Isle of Jura

Paps of Jura


Beach at  Kilnaughten Bay

Road to Bunnahabhain, we had to shift this calf, twice

Beach close to Bunnahabhain

Fresh oysters and Ardbeg Malt Whisky on one of our walks


Hill walking above Ardbeg



Machir Bay

Ardberg Distillery


Heads of Oa

American monument at Heads of Oa


Bowmore Distillery

Town of Bowmore

Port Ellen


Port Ellen

Kilnaughten Bay

Our B&B ,Kilnaughten Bay


Norrie, beautiful scenery and lovely shots mate      

Surprised with all those distilleries you were able to complete the walk  

Nice spot of weather for it too...

Yes, we were lucky with the weather and the B&B was brilliant, we had a living room for the 4 of us, TV, DVD, Games , CDs and the clincher was two decanters with some of Islay's  malt and Drambuie
Are all B&Bs like that

I have had these photos laying in my files and I thought to just post the wreck but I thought I would share some of them with you

Cybers, not to much drinking during the day, we did have to sample Malts on the tours

Loved the shots you got mainly at the start Norrie, some lovely ones there and liked the pebble beach one too... did you get any of the graves from the shiwrecks on the island..

Hi Calamity I had forgotten I had posted my Islay photo's on here, nice place
The B&B we stayed in, is not doing B&B anymore
The big monument in one of the photos, may well be one for the ship wrecks Forum Index -> Scotland, UK and the World
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