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ISO3200 On an EOS 400d

So idle hands and the devil made me do it....
Decided i wanted a new camera but funds were in short supply...
Why did i want the new camera ?
No other reason than ISO3200 for lowlight shooting
Was there a possible solution ?
I dunno lets See

So a couple of hours in i find a solution not a very well written solution but one none the less.
Following the trail like a bloodhound i was getting close i could smell it in and out forums we went trying to remember what link took what direction, hotter, colder were we even on the same page.
The tension was mounting i had the basics i just needed the tools to do the job as usual the tools needed were slightly outside the realms of what could be called normal computing so we had to go hunt these down too. Back on with the sniffer nose and much faffing about we finally were ready to start the job in hand.

So 2 brave pills were swallowed and we cracked on
First off we had to update the firmware.. (Even though i had the latest)
Then we had to adjust the firmware to enable the engineer module.
Straightforward to here...
Next we had to make the CF card Bootable... Erm yes we can do that easy enough.
Then We need to edit a hex key WTF  
Struggled a bit there but it went well and we are over that hill...
Now we load the engineers tools to our CF card and rename (Pah Simples)
Install card boot up camera watch for blue light (Success)

Jobs a good un !!!
Iso 50 80 100 120 150 175 200 all the way up to the magical 3200
also enabled Spot metering something i found sadly lacking in the 400D since i got it.


Good thread mate. One question, though.

Are the comparison photos slightly out of focus? If not can you please explain how the fcuk you managed to get blur at 1/4000 and ISO3200?

wee minx

Was it windy?, spot meter?...or are they really blurry trees  

too lazy to focus is the short answer  

Interesting! Are there any disadvantages to doing this? Such as can it cause the camera to malfunction, and would it void the warranty if the camera was still under warranty?

as there is really no changes on camera i cant see how it would affect the warranty.
That said mines is out of warranty so i had no problems with trying it.

Not came across a malfuntion yet... well unless you count losing the use of the pict bridge print button....
Till i did this i actually had forgotton that button was there.
all that is done is the Canon Engineers panel is enabled in firmware and the software system is stored in volatile memory (CARD)
Fast Eddie

So does that mean if you had to take the card out e.g because it was full, you couldnt se the camera?

Wonder if all this will work on the 1000d

It still works if you put another card in without having the extra settings.
but if you are logical you put it on all your cards.
I keep it on a 1gb while i run a 4gb card on normal days.
It does not work on 1000d as of yet but rumour has it it might soon. Forum Index -> Other Photography
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