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It's a wild idea

It's a wild idea (Evening Times)

ZOO bosses are looking to a revolutionary Dutch wildlife park for inspiration as
a major new tourist attraction is planned for Glasgow.

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland - the charity behind Edinburgh
Zoo - hopes to create the 35million biosphere-style animal park on the
banks of the Clyde in Glasgow's East End.

Experts from RZSS have visited Burgers' Zoo in Holland, which has created
a series of habitats to allow visitors to immerse themselves in the natural
surroundings of creatures.

The Evening Times first revealed details of the plan four years ago, but
zoo bosses say the plans are now well advanced.

The Dutch attraction will be a model for the Glasgow park, which is expected
to have a humid Amazon jungle at its centre complete with primates, manatees
and sloths.

Burgers' Zoo was the first safari park in Europe and has expanded over the
years. In 1988 it opened as the world's first covered jungle It went on to create
eight different temperature-controlled habitats for its animals.

They include Burgers' Bush, a tropical rainforest with roaming lizards frogs,
manatees, aardvarks and birds, Burgers' Mangrove, which is home to turtles,
and Burgers' Ocean, an aquarium complete with sharks.

Glasgow's version of the park, of which details have not been finalised, will
be in the Cunningar Loop, a green site between Dalmarnock and Rutherglen.

The site, close to the planned Athlete's Village for the 2014 Commonwealth
Games, is owned by South Lanarkshire Council.

Zoo bosses are now trying to gain financial backing for the scheme, which was
first revealed three years ago.

It is in talks with regeneration agency the Clyde Gateway Project as well as
Glasgow and South Lanarkshire Councils.

James H

Hi james, I cant see it working, we had Calderpark zoo and it struggled for years before closure.
Bye for now, norrie

Yeah I agree with norrie, after the novelty wears off it`s  ta ta to the animals and it`s not fair on the animals, if they want to set up a zoo it has to be for the good of us and the animals and not for the games.

Why no just make it entry at one end, exit at the other and fill it with lions and tigers.
3 strikes at the court or wearing a dodgy tracksuit whilst shoplifting with a glaikit look on your face and yir parped in the entrance.
We get to watch on PPV telly or large viewing galleries as you try to outrun 200 kilos of hungry lion.
For the ones that make it to the other side unscathed well that's the first choice athletes for the next games.

A winning idea mefinks but will be a fecker to get past Health & Safety

Hi cybers, apart from health and safety its not a bad idea
Bye for now, norrie

Thanks for that James, intresting idea, got to always respect intresting ideas...

But Cybers seems to have an "intresting idea" aswell, how would you feel about throwing a couple bears in the mix? A bear going to town on a white tracksuit wearing, white cider drinking disrespecful little sh!t would be something I'd part with my cash for.

rotten milk

is that a bear or a 'berrrrr' - indigenous species peserved to fight in the 'jungle' under glass

let them fight it out without someone wondering if they should phone the polis

Another crap site plonked in the middle of nowhere with no infrastructure to support it. I wonder if they'll manage to achieve the double whammy like they did with Calderpark Zoo; crap bus service and a train station too far away.

cybers wrote:

A winning idea mefinks but will be a fecker to get past Health & Safety

Send those fuckers through too. Double bubble.

Doorstop wrote:
cybers wrote:

A winning idea mefinks but will be a fecker to get past Health & Safety

Send those fuckers through too. Double bubble.

Now were talking ideas
they could be the testees instead of the testes Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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