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It's My Birthday ...

What did you cnuts get me?  

Happy birthday Big Stuff  

Never mind that "Happy Birthday" sh!te .. WHAT DID YOU *GET* ME?

Cheers Beans!

Re: It's My Birthday ...

Doorstop wrote:
What did you cnuts get me?  

Same as last year............Enjoy.

See, I don't mind that .. I appreciate consistency.

Cheers Sir.
Delmont St Xavier

I got you the same as fastnet...

My birthday was on the 5th, what did you get me?

Re: It's My Birthday ...

fastnet wrote:
Doorstop wrote:
What did you cnuts get me?  

Same as last year............Enjoy.
Aye..we all hid a whip roon an got ye fcuk all, that's wit mates ur fur      

Cheek and a sarcastic smile ya militant big bastard .... Happy Birthday  

Vinny the Mackem

I've got you a cardigan and a dildo.

If you don't like the cardigan, you can go f uck yourself!  

Oh man.. that made me PISS myself.

Duly stolen for further whorage!!

Hope ye had a gid birthday man    
Alex Glass

Happy Birthday again Doorstop  
Doog Doog

A belated Doorstop!!

And another belated DS.

James H

Cheers m'dears!

I had a proper good 'un .. not much money to do anything but good mates made it a day to remember .. I spent most of it laughing and trying to split my face in half smiling.

That's a win, I reckon.

its our daughter gillians birthday today 23.happy birthday gills.


Oh, to be twenty three again .. I'd give anything to be five years younger. *ahem* Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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