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It was alright on the night, but now???

Didn't know where to post these but thought I'd start a thread.

This is for those things which were ideal at the time, but later aren't - especially if it wasn't your fault!

Wonderful view!  Open fields, no hills, no streetlamps

Ideal place to build an observatory in your back garden!


They build the road and the houses next to your back garden observatory


Google maps shows the area before the road was built and the work was started to prepare for the houses to follow.,0.00284&t=h&z=19



Hi Hillmanimp,
Err.. What sort of observatory were you thinking of?
To look at stars and the such like you need to be on top of a hill and well away from city,town or even village lights, not to mention clouds.

If your talking about Urban sprawl, Well.. mm.. Go look at the art museum in Glasgow, There are pictures of Ben Lomond painted when there were trees on top.

Where I grew up there was a river that now is underground as the 'new road' sank it.

Aside from all that;
The Hillman Imp was my first fun with a car, better than a mini.
Oooo the fun driving an imp. Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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