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John Browns shipyard

Don't think this has been done...if it has I cant find it..

Anyway..took a wander round the old yard last week,hard to think now of all the activity that took place over the years.The place is a wasteland

This was taken from where all the sheds are in the aerial view

Sure this is a part of one of the hydraulic presses used to bend steel

This l pic was taken from the slipway where the Queens were laid down

Well worth a vist before it gets redeveloped


Very sad what eventually became of John browns after decades of decline. Great photos Kev.

Hi kev, changed place from the old days, I have been on the Titan Crane tour, well worth a visit
My pal, ex Arrols is a guide

Fantastic, if tragic, pics there, kev!  
peter kemp

Yep I can still see it when it was Browns. Platers/Joiners shop/ Brass shop/ copper shop/ pattern shop/ foundry and so on. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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