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John Cowan drowned 22 July 1848

Can anyone help with transcript from Glasgow Herald, Fri 28 July 1848 (perhaps on page 4?) which may have info/account re drowning of John Cowan, aged 20, son of Mr John Cowan, Esq, accountant in the Union Bank. Also any death/funeral notices that may have been published. John drowned on 22 July 1848 & his funeral was on 27 Jul 1848, with burial at St David's Ramshorn Burial ground.
Many thanks for any assistance.
Alex Glass

You really need someone to go to the Mitchell Library where there is a copy of the Herald on microfilm and they would be able to get a copy of any article for you for the cost of photocopy which would be about 50pence a sheet (I Think).

Where do you live Leep?

Page 4 it is, 6th column, near the top. Zoom in to the max and it's quite legible.

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there ye go


John Cowan drowned 22 July 1848

Many thanks for yr help with this article.  I had previously searched in Google newspapers for this particular edition but with no luck - so glad to now have the correct info for my family history. Cheers & best regards.
Vinny the Mackem

I'd tried to look through the earlier editions (and there's not too many) to see if I could find any reports, but I find the early stuff like this a real pain in the arse to read online!

Glad it was found, though! Massive round of applause to Streap for finding and to Leep for drawing attention to a bit of our history we might never have discovered. Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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