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John Lennon

[b]  Has anyone noticed the resemblance to John Lennon of Alex Glass?  Or is it a drawing of John Lennon?  I took a photo of my Husband next to a statue of John Lennon outside of the club they used to play in as teenagers, before "The Beatles" were all the rage.  Am I the person who mentioned this?


Alex is John Lennon and shaved all his hair off to live under an Assumed Mane  

I still have the newspapers reporting john lennons death.daily record and evening times.just saying like.
Alex Glass

I have lots of papers at the time of John Lennon's death.

Sorry I have been away for a while.

The rumours of my death have been exaggerated.

I haven't been idle though. However I may not be able to complete a full calendar this year  
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