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John McNeil & Sons Cartage

I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me in finding out more on John McNeil & Sons Cartage or Cartage Contactors.  John McNeil was my great grandfather, but no one in my family knows a great deal about him other than the obvious year of birth, when he and my great grand mother married, their kids etc.  He committed suicide in late 1949, and there is speculation in the family that he was caught evading taxes or something along those lines.  Supposedly he had two warehouses and would transfer goods between the two to avoid taxes. Going through the Postal Directories gives the address of John McNeil & Sons as 67 Cadogan st, does anyone have any good photo's?  I've checked the Mitchel online photos, but cant seem to find any for that address.  Mum has told me that he had a team of Clydesdale horses for moving what ever was hauling, would anyone have any photo's of clydesdales hauling goods around Glasgow?  

The company seems to have been run between about 1920 and 1950, there is a notice in the London Gazette of the company dissolving in 1927.  But, that appears to be when the company split into John McNeil & Sons Cartage, and John McNeil & Sons Contractors.  

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.


Will spend more time on this but I believe it may be the same John McNeil that became John McNeil transport which was under the control of Arbuckle Smith Transport, Mcneils had a depot at Moss Road ,Govan, just at the south entrance of the Clyde tunnel which  they ran haulage to the middle east in the 1970s, then becoming Arbuckle Smith which were based at Yorkhill Quay until purchase by Tibbett and Britten in the late 90s, just a hunch there is a connection but will try and dig deeper when I get the chance.

I think your hunch is correct.  My mums cousin told me that his father, my great uncle Ian, had mentioned that John McNeil & Sons was sold to Arbuckle Smith, but when i havent a clue.


Also, I found a picture of my great grand parents, does anyone have any idea where it might have been taken?


That pic was taken in Ayr.

correct,and it has not changed one going there for a couple of days this weekend.

Rod, Check your private messages.

John McNeil & Sons

Hello everybody....I remember this Company very well. I was an apprentice mechanic at 23 Moss Road Linthouse.
I remember John McNeil and his family and the chauffuer who drove a Volvo 164.
They had a big fleet of Volvo trucks and were involved in trucking supplies to Iran or Irag in the mid 70's.
rucks used to be painted in traditional colours then the scheme was changed to a blue cab with yellow stripe and grey chassis.

Thanks for the reply!  I have few questions, when did you do your apprenticeship?  What was the traditional colours (all I've ever seen are black and white photos)?  And, was Llewelyn still around when you worked there?  

I made contact with Llewelyns daughter, though Llewelyn had left for Australia before she was born.  She gave me some of the information I was seeking about the company or rather how it ended up being owned by Arbuckle-Smith.

So far my research on the company is as follows:

John McNeil Sr started the company sometime around 1895;
John McNeil Jr was born in 1892 and worked as a director sometime around 1914;
Following WW1 the company was bought by Allan Pollock Blue & Sons, who ran the company as a "purchase/hire" scheme, the McNeils would regain the company based on profits etc.;
In 1927 the company collapsed and the remains were sold at auction through Charles McIntyre Chartered Accountants, the auction taking place at The Market at Graham Square;
The remains were purchased by an unknown individual who gave the ownership of the company to John Sr's wife Mary;
Sometime in the 1920s Alex McNeil  (born in 1911) became part of the company;
John Sr passed away in 1944, and I assume left the company to his two sons, John and Alex (unless Mary retained control);
John Jr took his own life at the end of 1949, giving control of the company to Alex;
Alex had two sons John and Llewelyn who became the directors of the company when Alex retired (I assume he retired);
John and Llewelyn sold out to Arbuckle-Smith;

Most of the information I obtained was from a court document in regards to John Sr and Jr filing for bankruptcy in 1927.    Also, from various snippets of information, I've been lead to believe that John & Llewelyn along with Alex were heavy drinkers,  can anyone shed some light on this?

I just found this thread by a random search request to Google.

I,m the nephew of Alex McNeil.Alex had two daughters and two sons.
The eldest daughter  Mary married a Swiss Chef and lived in Switzerland. She died of a heart attack. She was estranged from the family and never talked to them.
The eldest son John went on to manage the company after it was bought by Arbuckle smith. I think he might have engineered the sale.
I met LLewelyn in Australia when we migrated here. Apparently his wife was very homesick and returned with her daughter to Glasgow. LLewelyn could have been an alcoholic. He disappeared and was never seen again.
The youngest daughter was called Ilene, I think. I dont remember her well and I would like to find her if I could.

I dont know much about Uncle John although according to my mother he was the blacksheep of the family.
Uncle Alex was an alcoholic and died of a ruptured stomach ulcer.

My parents lived in Cadogan Street , although I dont remember the number.
who's the daddy

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