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Kelvingrove Tunnels adventure

Hi there.

Hope all who is reading this are well (and the ones who aren't are alright too).

My name's Ben and I'm new to the forum so apologies if I am not following the right etiquette when posting this request but ah well, I've done it now.

I'm appealing for any brave souls to come on a little mission to the Kelvingrove Tunnels next Sunday. I've been meaning to go down for ages but haven't managed to find another way in apart from the blocked up entrance at Kelvinbridge so I went on a little stroll today and managed to find the other entrance at Finnieston entrance which doesn't seem to have any security in place.


Anyway, I think a rope ladder would be required to get down (unless anyone knows of another entrance) and a good quality torch but I've never been before so not too sure if anything else would be necessary.  I have asked a few friends but they don't seem to be that adventurous so I'm hoping to get a couple of volunteers from here.

Feel free to post back or message me if you have any tips or advice.



Welcome Ben

First off your pic size is a little on the hooj side of things when posting there is guidlines in place.
Stick around the forums, get involved a little before asking anyone on here to join you down a dark tunnel buddy.
Whilst we do like a wander I am sure you will understand we are a little aprehensive with new faces for our own safety.
If you have a wee look around this forum you will no doubt find this tunnel has been covered in depth by a few members.



Open and public forum... and you are talking about entering a tunnel that is linked to a live, fully operational railway line... Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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