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Kelvinhaugh Ferry and Highland lane

I've found some old negatives of what I thought was the Govan ferry or is it the Kelvinhaugh Ferry and some shots of the surrounding area from the 1970's.

Ferry About to arrive

I think the lane leading up to Stag Street was called Highland lane.

Stag Street at the top of the lane

And some more of Ferry and passengers

From the other side of the river


Great pics swelter.....
Riverside Boy

Brought back many memories of when we used to go to Ibrox as kids from our street in Parkhead. We would get the 64 bus to the Kelvin Hall and walk down to the ferry and over the Clyde and up Highland Lane around past Kia Johansen's pub and up Copland Road to the ground.
Doog Doog

Thanks for sharing those.Brilliant! Forum Index -> Glasgow in the 1970s
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