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Andrew Page-Robertson

Koh-i-Noor Building, Dundas Place

My grandfather used to have his dental surgery in a triangular shaped building which I believe was called Dundas Place. I remember there was a pub on one of the corners, and a chemist. Does anyone have any information about what happened to it? I assume it was demolished, I failed to find it on my first visit to Glasgow in 50 years last month and I was hoping to get a photo.
Vinny the Mackem

Dundas Place is long gone and is now part of the Buchanan Galleries.  You can see it here on this map, and use the slider at the top left of the map to get a "today" view.  This is the street at the (roughly) 45 degree angle and is called, on this map, Dundas Street. I don't know if that is incorrectly marked, or it changed its name later to Dundas Place.  You can see a public house on the corner of Dundas Street (the actual one!).

Check out the Virtual Mitchell for both Dundas Street and Dundas Place.

This photo is in the Dundas Street link, and might be the pub you mean.  This corresponds with the pub on the corner in the map above.

It was definitely called Dundas Place later on, I remember the street signs.
However, I only remember it being completely fenced off from the very early
1980s until they finally got around to building that shitty shopping centre.

James H

Hi Andrew Page-Robertson, the pub was called Jacksons Dog House , I remember the street
Hi vinnie the makem, thanks for posting the links to Dundas Pl, brought back memories

Dundas Place, home of Listen Records in early 70s. Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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