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Lens trade in

Does anyone know if there is somewhere local that does lens trade ins ?

I have two that I never use and I'm looking to see if i can trade them in for another lens.

Ebay them for the cash then buy your lens ... Trade guys will rip the arse out you and remove your wallet too.

I was going to go down the e-bay route but thought I would ask if there was somone out there who would do a trade in as I'm a lazy fecker who can't be arsed with all the packaging and posting malarkey......

Might be the only option right enough............Thanks for the reply mate.

Merchant City Cameras in Parnie St could be an option, they will take second hand in part-ex.

Why not stick an advert on here John see if theres any takers. I don't use Nikon myself but there are many who do.

Hi Fastnet Merchant City Cameras is the same advice I would give.

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