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Leuchars air show

Some pics of last weeks show.



Fantastic .. I think the 'Desert Rats' logo is my favourite.

Shows that dark, self deprecating humour the forces are famous for.

Great pictures there fastnet...
I missed the show but my m8 who went is still griping about trying to get out of the car park.
Weather was fantastic for a change and he is moaning about a little wait to get out.

Quite like that as well doorstop.

Cybers........I understand how he felt....But i thought it took longer to get onto the bloody place..  

Cheers mate


Alex Glass

Great set of photos Fastnet.

Looks like you had a great day.

Doog Doog

Absolutely brilliant!  

Cheer Alex...........It was a fantastic day.........And we learned how NOT to pay for next year...

Cheers doog........

wee minx

Superb, I like the one through the sun.  Oh, you had great fun  

Cheers Minx..........Quite pleased with some of them considering i took the wrong lens with me.......    

Love the Vulcan with the Arrows, fab shot

Gutted I missed it this year. Really really wanted to see the Vulcan but finances wouldn't stretch that far.

I used to see the Typhoon getting shaken down all the time because of where I lived but there's nothing quite like watching it get it's wheels off and then just climb like it's on an invisible cable.

Cracking photos mate.

Cheers guys.

As i said earlier we could've got the day for nothing.

Well all the flying pics...............It cost us 40 for the day but we could have just drove up and stood at the entrance and seen the full flying display.

We only paid for the static displays inside....    

Fastnet, I read on another forum that the best pics could be had from outside as there was too much palaver going on inside and I nearly went, but changed my mind at last minute, but we live and learn mate

Scary. We were sat about 20 yards from the people who didn't pay.

But as you say, we live and learn.

Leuchars air show

Here are a few pics I took at the RAF Leuchars air show yesterday. Sorry for the quality but they were taken on my compact camera. Mostly by the time I pressed the button the planes were half the length of the ruway away. It wasn't easy to get good photos.


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Windlaw Boy

Good pictures Stan. I was there that day. The only thing I didn't like about Leuchars was that you were always looking into the sun on a good day. Forum Index -> Other Photography
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