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Londonderry, 1960s

or, just to be even-handed, Derry, I've no strong feelings either way.

My father had a friend at work who had family in Dunfanaghy in Co.Donegal, and one summer we went over for a visit. On the way back we stopped off in Derry, and took a walk round the city walls. As usual I had a camera with me (but not much film), and I recently found 6 shots which I must have taken then and which I never got round to printing.

Derry has I think seen much redevelopment since then, and the photos may have some historical interest for anyone who knows or knew the city, particularly as 3 were taken from, and one is of, the Walker Pillar, which was demolished by a Provisional IRA bomb in 1973.

Looking northwest towards the Creggan, with the spire of St Eugene's RC Cathedral.

Cannon near Shipquay Gate. Do you think one of the sailors is carrying a handbag?

The Walker Pillar was built in 1828 to commemorate one of the governors of the city during the siege of 1689. With an internal stair of 105 steps, one for each day of the siege, and a viewing platform, it was surmounted by a large statue of the Rev.Mr Walker, pointedly facing towards Nationalist areas of the Bogside and Creggan. In the early hours of August 27th 1973, with the Army distracted by a diversionary bomb warning, the pillar was felled by a  large explosion.

From the top of the Pillar, looking southwest, over the Bogside (greatly redeveloped since, I think) and beyond to the River Foyle.

and north to northeast.

Looking down on the wall from, presumably, the top of the pillar, but I can't make sense of the view, not unless there were some big changes before the Google streetview car came along. Maybe a trip on Ryanair is called for.
Delmont St Xavier

Beautiful city, and so pleased to see the pics, even if it's only 6.  Great post!

Glad you enjoyed it. A fine city indeed, and it's to my shame that I've never been back. Very much on the to-do list though.

If you're interested enough you can see full-res versions on my SmugMug site,
in a 'North of Ireland' gallery, on to which I'll add another dozen or so I took in the  Co. Donegal during that trip. Forum Index -> Scotland, UK and the World
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