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Looking for info on a forgotten building

Hi peeps, I'm hoping someone can maybe remember/identify this place...
As a wee girl (in the '60's), my late mum used to be a member of a choir called the Glasgow Socialist Singers (Original Choir - now re-formed I think but we're talking Ancient History here *lol*).  She often took me along to the rehearsals, which were held in a building along Carlton Place. I don't remember what building it was (which is driving me nuts!), though I have very clear memories of crossing over the Suspension Bridge from Clyde Street to reach the rehearsal hall. It was a large hall, with a stage & piano, possibly like a school Assembly Hall or something like that.
Any clues folks? Possibly a posh school or something like that??? I wonder if it was the present Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice building "back in the day?"

Possibly gorbals church or john knox church

Stuball wrote:

Possibly gorbals church or john knox church

Thanks Stuball - no not a church, but the pics on the Mitchell (via link above) show the building as Gorbals Primary School - Eureka! That makes sense, looking at the place today I'd never have guessed that that building was a school, it makes sense, rehearsals in the School Assembly Hall...which like the exterior was very well appointed, as they mystery solved via your link, muchas gracias, by the way. :)

could it have been the T.U.C. hall in carlton place later became the carlton club a swds club.

The Star Club maybe?

Thanks peeps, I'm sure it was the school...ringing a bell, if you pardon the pun! Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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