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Looking for my history

Hi everyone!

I have started researching my Scottish roots... and am hitting SO many roadblocks. I can't find any birth certificates, church docs, nothing. Only when they immigrated to Canada.
Anyways... I did get an old address off my grandfather's papers and am now looking for images of their street in 1918.
That's the year my mom was born...  1918. In 1921-22 they lived at 190 Cathedral Street. I have images of there today... but would love to compare it to then.
If anyone has any images of Cathedral street around 1918-22... (where the college is now I guess?) I would truly love to see them. There's no one left in the family to ask questions of. 😔 Also... any thoughts and ideas aside from the obvious search sites, would be greatly appreciated!

Some here.

Oh my! Thank you!! The first picture must be their building on the left... their number was 190. Thanks so much for this.
If anyone finds any more, I'd be so grateful... especially the 190 address.

Still having trouble locating census info, birth records, etc.

Cathedral street link

Hi Debi, the Herriot Hill works of Wm Collins are variously stated to have been 118-144 or 118-168 Cathedral St, so it might be a fair assumption that 190 was part of the tenement block adjoining it on the west.

If you go to this page
the 3rd pair of James's past/presents shows the site.

This is so awesome! Thank you all SO much!!

Does anyone have any idea what Catholic Church they may have attended then? Wondering if my mom's baptismal records would be there. I did order her birth certificate... Thank God I was able to do that.

Now I want to visit more than ever!

The nearest would have been St Mungo's, which is still active and should be able to help.

Though if she didn't like the Passionists she may have gone a wee bit further to McAslin St Catholic Apostolic Church, which is long gone.

Last resort, contact the Archdiocese.

A wee spanner in the works here... according to the 1914 valuation roles, 190 Cathedral Street was an ice cream 'dealer' belonging to a Mr Eugenio Verrechia. It could have been replaced in those 4-6 years though. What is the family name? It may appear on the adjacent houses Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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