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Looking for pictures from Dennistoun

I am hoping to find some photos of Bellfield Street.   M Mum was born there and I hope to surprise her with a photo or two as a Christmas gift.
If anyone can help, please message me.
Kindest regards,

Hi, all I can offer is a 1976 photo of the railway bridge.

The bridge is still there, though the southern part of Bellfield St, which it led to, isn't. Your mum will have been familiar with it.

Glasgow East

That was a fantastic visit down memory lane.
Although I did not live in the area I travelled along many of the roads in my time in van sales (Industrial clothing) during 1962 - 1977.
Today I would be penniless, as I don't know when it was the last time I saw anyone wearing a boiler suit.
Thanks Streapadair.


Thanks streapadair.  I've found a few of the street and I have this one as well.  I doubt she'd remember much though......she moved away to Cambuslang when she was one!
I must say that I have been enjoying all of these photos.   Visiting Scotland is t the very top of my bucket list!

Hi Krinch, I have posted 3 on the Denniston site in a thread called Norries Urban Adventures, if that what you looking for, I can send you a larger copy via email;highlight=bellfield&start=10

Thanks so much norrie.  The shot with the store on the corner is one I actually chose as a favourite.  I love the way the sun hits the scene.
I'm going to have to make Mum a whole album at this rate!

Hi Krinch, send me a PM with your email address and I will send them Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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