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Looking for shops that sell old cameras?

Hey guys wondering if any of you can help, looking for somewhere in the Glasgow area that sells old cameras? I visit Relics off Byers Rd regularly to see what they have and had some good finds but looking to expand my search. I'm mainly interested in old lenses to use with my Sony NEX5R, Relics is exactly the kind of shop I'm looking for so anything like that would be great!  

These guys may be able to help?

Thanks Scotty :)

Didn't know they kept older cameras there, only trouble is they will definitely know what they're selling, meaning no bargains for me :( worth a shot though!

The charity shops are good to keep an eye on, rich pickings can regularly be found in Shelter at Kelvinbridge, The Salvation Army (the big furniture one) in Partick, The BHF furniture place in Partick and there's one on Maryhill Rd across from East Park Home that sometimes gets good stuff.

The other thing is to search for misspellings on fleabay, mintola instead of minolta etc

top tips Alan!! all those places you mention are in striking distance for me and I pass them regularly, will be stopping by to have a look, many thanks :)

Gumtree is always a good source for stuff that people don't know the value of what they have. Picked up a few wee Russian made lenses on there for pennies. Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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