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Marchmont Terrace Langside

My husband's great aunt was recorded in the censuses as "in service " at Marchmont Terrace (found this as either in Cathcart, Langside or Mount Florida but can't find anywhere on current maps)  Hope the name is still in existence carved on a building somewhere.  Anyone any ideas?

Only Marchmont Terrace I know of is in the West End just down from the Botanic Gardens

Maybe someone else will have a better Idea.

Cybers is right... the other places dont have that terrace or name on records as far as I can see...

yeah - that's the one that kept coming up in my searches  

but she was definitely listed in 1891 at Marchmont Terrace in Cathcart census district!  

Just spent a happy hour or so trawling through the Post Office directories and Marchmont Terrace "Mount Florida" seems to have become the tenements in Grange Road next to the Victoria Infirmary.
Was hoping to find Marchmont Terrace etched somewhere on the building to confirm but nothing visible on Google Streetview.  Will need to have a look next time I'm in Glasgow!

Hi Broomhill, try this, I got it from a contact of mine
I will check my photo's and see if I have caught it

Marchmont Terrace appears to be 1 to 8 Grange Road and possibly taking in some of Battlefield Road

This is Grange road, close to the Victoria Hospital

Grange rd, December 2008

Grange rd, December 2008

Grange rd, December 2008


Norrie those photos are no use the tenements never went up in there till the early 20th century and the Road is listed as Grange road before the Victoria was even built.

I suspect it may be a slight mish mash of information with the employer listed alongside the family members area of abode. as Even trawling the paper maps of NLS show no Marchmont Terrace in Langside.

This terrace of tenements certainly shows up in the large scale 1892 Ordnance Survey Maps that I have looked at.My trusty 1925 Kelly's Directory also lists and confirms that Marchmont Terrace comprised  the addresses of 52 - 94 Grange Road (7 closes and 2 main doors),and so that would seem to fit in.

It is difficult to say whether the building ever had "Marchmont Terrace" inscribed on the frontage,and likely any name would only have been painted on.Any painted sign would have disappeared when they stone-cleaned the frontage 20-odd years ago.Worth having a closer look,mind.

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