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Charlie Endell

Melrose Railway Station

I happened to pass this (travelling west) a couple of years ago. At first I wasn't sure if I'd imagined half a railway station sitting at the side of the road (one platform with the station building behind it) and meant to turn back to investigate at the time. It sits on its own on the A6091 Melrose relief road and I didn't realise at the time that Melrose sits immediately behind it (it all seemed very surreal).

I took a trip down on Saturday to revisit and took some photos - unfortunately due to some technical problems (and my technological illiteracy) I'm unable to display them on here. Anyway, the platform and station building (south bound - the north bound was a mirror image except that the station building was slightly smaller) have been lovingly restored from a state of dereliction. There are a number of photos on SCRAN

Strange I know...

But to add a little to this...
The track bed was lifted about 13 years ago outside the station platform it is now 3 houses i believe and sits more or less on the road by default as the road was laid on the old trackbed.

Whilst a sight to behold for its location it really is nothing special in terms of architectural merit except to those with the choo-choo and notebook syndrome.

It was scheduled for demolition years aga and it might be the subject for a compulsory purchase order soon...

Melrose Station

I think I must have imagined it but I thought someone on the site wanted images of Melrose Station. Anyway, I went there today and took a couple of pictures but now can't find any mention of it on Urban glasgow  

Maybe I should increase my medication  

Anyway, voila...


Funnily enough i must be sharing your meds as i am sure i commented on the same post but cant find it now...

AlanM wrote:


James H
Doog Doog

thanks for posting,even though I didn't ask!
Charlie Endell

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