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Merchiston Hospital, Johnstone

Fast Eddie and I took a wee trip over here yesterday, our first hospital explore :) Fairly big complex with lots of seperate buildings, most of which are the same layout.

Closed its doors for the final time in 2009, its been fairly well trashed. There were 2 occupied caravans with a gennie there, I'm guessing its a very small group of travellers as I can't imagine it would make much of a holiday destination! They never bothered us anyway. Unfortunately we never managed a full explore of the main buildings as it was getting late and much of the buildings are very dark (and wet!!) inside as it is. Will need to pop back soon to see the rest.

Ed will be along sooner or later with some better pics, I was just racing about the place quickly snapping as many pics as I could so they're not the best!

Google map view of the hospital grounds



This artwork looks familiar!


"Like a snow flake
On the River
(a second here)
(and gone forever)

Full set here:

Last time I was there, the cameras were live and the police paid us a visit... but we hadn't got in anywhere

The cameras have been taken away for god knows what reason. I always wonder why there aren't more photos of the swimming pool.

horza wrote:
The cameras have been taken away for god knows what reason. I always wonder why there aren't more photos of the swimming pool.

We left in a bit of a hurry and missed the pool :(

Well done chaps, great set
Alex Glass

Brilliant set of photos and I am sure they have inspired everyone to get out there and find places like this to explore

Fast Eddie

There was what looked to be a traveller caravan parked there when we visited, so we investigated the site away from them and then the building where they were parked, but entered from the far side.

I'm guessing the swimming pool was just past where they were.

Here's my panorama of the main building's hall.


Ed passed Merchiston Hospital earlier this week, the two buildings near the entrance have been demolished.

Quick google search found this

Its an excuse to remove previously protected listed buildings .. The gas canisters and jerry cans will be brought back by the travelling community when they return to the lovely new flattened camp ground. An 85 year old resident who does not wish to be named ... fcuk sakes could they not just make up a name like they did with the rest of the padding out of a lame story.

Does anyone know if this has been demolished yet? kept meaning to go and only just read about the plans to demolish it! Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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