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Misty church street

Anybody know where this was or is?


I have been struggling over this one,and can't work it out - possibly not Glasgow? The church has a very similiar silhoutte to the back of St.Andrew's Cathedral,but it is/was not visible at the end of any street.

Do you know where the photograph was featured?It might give us a clue.


I share your pain, Chris, but I'd say it couldn't be more Glasgow if it tried, down to the sopping wet pavement.

My guess - and that's all it is - would be Bedford St. in the Gorbals, which looked straight on to John Knox UF Church, and had (1894 OS map) a pub on the right at the corner of Abbotsford Lane. I can't find an adequate photo of the church, but there's one in VichMich which suggests that it's the same general design.

The pub on the right is the Clock Bar if thats of any help.. someone on another site mentinioned this pub near Nicholson st, but I never knew the area so dont know.

Yes,well identified,I think it is Bedford Street looking east.The shadows on the pavement would suggest that the photograph was taking about 8 to 9 in the morning,so it is possible that the clock is knackered/slow/fast.It would fit in as well at that time,with the two boys heading for school.The Clock Bar,I think,was run by a William Sweeney at the time of the photo (1930s/40s?).

There is a photograph,as you say,of the John Knox UF Church on the Virtual Mitchell website (under Bedford Row),and whilst it only shows a portion of the church's frontage,the pinnacle at the side has the same profile as the one in the misty pic.That's good enough for me!

Many thanks knowledgeable ones. The picture is a scanned copy of an original found in a family box after a bereavement and got everyone curious.

I've found a better image of the church on a site whose name we do not utter

which I think is fairly conclusive. It's looking from Surrey St. at its junction with Bedford St., down Portugal St. to the spire of the Gorbals Church in Carlton Place. Bedford Row ran along the north side of the JK church.

Calamity, thanks for that. Clock Bar it is, and several people on thegorbals website place it in Bedford St.

You can see it here from above.  From the steam at the top left, Bedford St runs west to east with the church at the eastern end.

Its also on this book cover

similar with one boy in street.

It's a Bert Hardy photo. Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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