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Mobile data harvesting...

So i went into Livingston Shopping centre today and noticed a new sticker on the door so had a wee look as it looked like a mobile phone and peeps will know i am hardly on friendly terms with security staff at The Centre.

Well it seems they can data harvest your phone as you walk through you can have no say in this data when asked they wont tell you which data they collect or why and seemed more suspicious as to why i wanted to know why they were infringing on my privacy with the reasurring words ...
"If your doing nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about"
Wrong fcuk wit i am worrying what it might be you are doing wrong and why you might doing it.

They said it was to add to the whole shopping experience so here is my question.
How can a shopping centre add to my shopping experience due to the data they illegally harvest from my phone ?
I now look forward to a titty bar and big jugs emporium in that centre next time i visit !!!


What would be even more worrying would be a clothes shop that specialises in outfits for tranvestites!!

Still on that strange purchase trip i see .... Is there something you want to get off your chest ? go on yi kin tell us we will keep it a secret .... well for the first 5 mins anyhow  

no comment!

i was in the shopping centre yesterday
i'm bummed i missed the carfuffle cybers ;p

yes please tell gareth1974 lol Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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