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Delmont St Xavier

Mobile Phone Use

I know it's not the most exciting topic but where do you stand on this issue?

Personally, I'm with the checkout operator.  How many times I went into a shop and some fanny is on the phone and being served but spending his time on the phone - delaying me and the queue behind is growing bigger.
Or someone jumps on the bus, wants to know the price of where they're going but can't be arsed to take the phone out of her face, whilst she begins to rummage in the bag for her purse, phone clenched to cheeks....

Or the funeral in the funeral home and mobile goes off - most of us would hang our heads in shame and try to silence the phone quickly but not the guy who's phone rang, he decides to answer it whilst minister is delivering eulogy in a room full of mourners...

Yep, I'm with the checkout operator on this.  I can remember a time when we had to use a phone box and wait in a queue or go home and phone (if we were lucky).

I hate the fecker talking loud enough to get the message to the recipient without the feckin phone ... AKA Dom Jolly
I hate the person who is in the queue for food drunk on the phone does not know what they want or how to pay for it but can phone a friend at 3am.

Oh and my biggest pet hate...

On the phone while fecking about with the sat nav or taxi meter... Park that fecking thing before you do any of those things ... Dont answer it and say just a minute to pull over no ... park it !

Funerals are just bad... Do not take the phone out the car at a funeral. Oh and for the record I have been in Sainsbugs and it was the cashier on the fecking phone... Her sister had a baby monkey YEAH !!! wife was pleased for her i told her go fcuk herself and get the shoppin scanned.

The checkout operator was totally right... I get it at the hotel and I hate it too...

Worst though, is shop keepers that do it....
Delmont St Xavier


My pet hate too but if it happens in a local store, I don't even bother making a purchase.  I walk out and leave them to it.  There's a shop around the corner from me and the guy is never off the phone, he's a nice guy but when Ebey is on the phone, I just walk out as I'd wait till hell freezes over before getting served.  It I was to allow him to serve me, I'd be diddled out of my change as he loses 'focus' and is then prone to error... his words.

cybers wrote:
...i told her go fcuk herself and get the shoppin scanned.

That would be a dismissal right there if that was one of my staff. I hate mindless drones that think their mobiles are just extensions of their bodies.

To be fair its never happened since and the girl does still work there..
I don't deal too well in Supermarkets or shopping centres in general so while I display my good manners I expect others to follow suit.

I wont even answer my phone in the supermarket unless its the wife and I know its because she has forgotten to tell me to get something ... though she usually just texts.
Lobey Dosser

I'm with the checkout operator on this one. Possibly because I've watched various videos of numpties walking into decorative fountains etc while yapping on their mobile, and read about people actually walking under moving trucks because they're too thick to operate their "dummy tit" AND watch where they're going. Maybe mobile phones should have a sensor implanted to disable them if they're moving?

I read about one young girl (in Texas, I think) who actually put her foot into a rattlesnake pit because she was too busy blethering to watch where she was going.

I've never understood why it's so vital for someone to remain n touch at all times -- especially when you can't help but overhear one half of, and the level of the conversation.....  

"No, I'm just walking up <street name>, towards <place>....."
"No, I'm wearing my red & white Nikes"....
"Yeah, with the blue laces and the stars."
"Eight, I think.....Yeah, or maybe 7-1/2."
"Two months ago. I got them at...."
{Screech of brakes. Voice of truck driver strongly suggesting orifice where phone users mobile should immediately be inserted.}
"...What? h, just some asshole driver who thinks he owns the road..."
Doog Doog

 Hate the tw@ts who are on the phone while driving.
If they can buy a 200 + phone,surely to fcuk they afford a bluetooth headset!

They don't necessarily need to be talking on the phone to be a menace, I have lost count of the number of twats that have bumped into me because they have both hand and eyes on the phone making up a text
Vinny the Mackem

Sometimes I just stand in front and don't move, letting aforesaid eejits bump into me.  Sometimes I "lead with the shoulder" as it were!

Driving - very dangerous.  A number of years back I was heading to Uni on Cathedral Street, crossing North Frederick Street.  Eejit travelling west on Cathedral Street on phone decides it's a great idea to turn left down NFS which, of course, is one way and in any event had a green man.  On the phone and completely oblivious to precisely where he was (he was, in all likelihood, trying to turn onto North Hanover Street).  He got a mouthful from me and a shoeprint on his passenger door for his troubles.

Years ago I was stopped at the traffic lights in Laurieston Place, a five way junction in Edinburgh. The lights only stayed green for about 10 seconds so I had to be quick off the mark as I wanted to go straight across to West Tollcross to avoid Lothian Road.
Just as I was entering West Tollcross just before the fire station I saw this idiot totally oblivious to the world while listening to his walkman (it was that long ago!) He just stepped off the pavement without a care in the world happily singing along to whatever crap was pumping out of his headphones.
I leaned on the horn and because of all the close together buildings at that point the sound was like the foghorn on a ship which meant that it managed to penetrate the bubble surrounding the numpty's ears!
The look of horror on his stupid face was like that on the face of Wile E Coyote when he realised he was standing in fresh air hovering over a massive drop. I managed to stop level with him just as everybody in earshot looked around and I shouted:-


I hope the laughter erupting from the onlookers was enough to make him pay attention to his surroundings from that day on but who knows, maybe he works at a supermarket checkout these days! Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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