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Modular Construction

I have been following this the erection of this building, Hope st ,Renfrew st, I wondered what the boxes were and asked a workman
Turns out they are factory built offices and bedrooms
Build the steel structure that will support them and pile on the modules, cover it all in and bingo, job complete
Structural Steelwork has moved on since I worked in it
Photo taken December 2009

Here are some shots taken in November
Hope st Renfrew st

From Renfiled st


nice pictures Norrie

I'd spotted that out of the corner of my eye while walking down Sauchiehall Street but had assumed it was just an attempt on the record for the world's biggest site huts  
wee minx

Offices and bedrooms..jeezo.  No need for second homes for MPs etc then

Hi weeminx, I said offices and bedrooms because I am not sure its its a hotel or office blocks
Bye for now, norrie
wee minx

 I was thinking Glasgow had gone all cosmopolitan there. Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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