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Mr. Murdoch's boat house.

Now that the thread title has pulled you in this far its time to explain.

With the Queen Mary 2 coming back up the Clyde I have been watching a few videos on You tube that are linked to my Dads cine film footage.

One of the videos is this one about the Waverley;


At 6:35 we are introduced to 86 year old Mr.Murdoch who has saved the boathouse from the steam ship The Iona and has it in his back garden in Glasgow (minus the ships wheel that was stolen by vandals).

Here is the challenge. Anybody know where this might have been? Has the boathouse survived? Are there any other strange pieces of rescued history that you know of in Glasgow's back gardens?


P.S. With a bit of Googling, here are the details on the PS Iona. If its the correct vessel then the boathouse had already been standing in Mr. Murdochs back garden for 39 years at the time of this film so may not be much left by now.

Not much to go on there... detached villa with fairly large garden and no visible neighbours... good vid though

I read on the Internet that Alick Buchanan moved house the year after the 1975 film,and because he had enjoyed 40 years of using the Iona bridge and wheelhouse as a summer house,he took it with him to his new home.It must have still been in a structurally reasonable condition then,as he had to get a crane to lift it out of the garden.Unfortunately,no idea where he moved to,but I think that he died in Glasgow in 1984 aged 95.Quite likely still out there,somewhere. Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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