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mrs houston's bath

to my knowledge this bath came from 20 james street,bridgeton & it belonged to mrs houston
she donated this bath when the home improvements grants were issued
i've actually had a bath in one these (my friend stayed in the same close) & all the features worked a treat
it was great fun !!!
i'm kinda pissed off that the peoples palace have failed to acknowledge this bath came from james street and have said that it is from blythswood square

sorry if this has been posted in the wrong section of the forum

Widnae mind a plunge in that bath..........  

Like the plaque -- "By 1985, 5% of homes still did not have a bath or shower" -- aye try my hoose in 2012 when I phoned two plumbers and naebody showed up for three days  

fastnet wrote:
Widnae mind a plunge in that bath..........  

yep it's like a swimming pool ;p
cost a fortune to fill it lol

one time our hot water was off in greenhead street
so my ma was using the steamie at parnie street
i went along & booked in for a bath while she was busy scrubbing
that bath was enormous too
the water was that hot it coughed and spluttered like an old man as it filled the tub
i pottered about folding my clothes while it filled
finally i sank in to the tub
looked up at the ceiling only to discover a boy watching me from the next cubicle
ffs i shat myself & i think he did too
i've no idea how long he had been watching me but i'm sure the little fooker will have been scarred for life pmsl
my ma went nuts when i told her & we reported it to the woman in charge
tbh she didn't seem that bothered lol
to this day i'm convinced he must have her son lol
please god i hope it was no one that posts on ug

Now we wait to see who saw yir bum.....

It was the one thing i loved about the house we had in Whitevale St was the big Enamel bath still laughing thinking of my kids swimming in it.

he saw more than my bum

My Nana worked in the Whitevale Baths used to go visit her now and then and watch her plug this huge Iron key into the wall to make the water run...

i use to love going to whitevale swimming when i stayed at my granny's ( she stayed in the whitevale flats) Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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